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Redd Remedies


Dear Friends,

Those of you already familiar with our brand will recognize the title of this inaugural blog entry. To others who may be new to Redd Remedies, these three, simple words embody our passion to create holistic, natural health and wellness solutions. We are committed to providing you and your family with an effective selection of high quality, natural supplements. As this is the first entry in the Redd Remedies official blog, I wanted to let you know why we are so passionate about what we do and why we are so committed to helping you put your health, and your life, in order.

The natural products industry has always held a special importance to me. In addition to providing my livelihood, it actually helped save my mom’s life! In the late 1950’s, a dentist suggested that if my Mom were to change her diet, she would see many of her health issues go away. There was nothing to lose. She was in poor health; suffered with bouts of anxiety, always tired…and the list goes on. To her amazement, changing her diet worked! She started eating organically grown foods and she quickly started feeling better. Her journey towards health took a leap forward when she and my Dad, deciding that they had to share their discovery with their family, friends, and community, started a health food store in 1961. One person at a time, lives were changed; connections were made between what we put into our bodies and their levels of health and performance. The focus was always on offering only the very best in every area and providing education so the connection between food and health could be made by many others. With Redd Remedies, I have been able to take my Mom and Dad’s idea of sharing the message of health a step further.

Redd Remedies is the culmination of years of work, research, and an uncompromising desire to offer the best products to our customers – but what does it really mean to offer “the best”. We have all heard those words before, likely a few too many times. Our experience is that the best results are achieved when we integrate a balanced approach which focuses on our desired outcomes and includes natural medicine from all modalities. So in Redd Remedies formulas, you will find Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, European herbals, vitamin and minerals and on and on. It is the tens of thousands of quality studies on natural medicine, as well as a rich tradition, that sets the stage for us at Redd Remedies. When we formulate, we search all the natural medicine world has to offer. You will find our products work quickly, going beyond the surface and focus on the core of the problem.

Why the name Redd Remedies? Redd means “to put in order”, which is exactly what we do at Redd Remedies – we put health in order. We recognize that true health goes beyond what any supplement company has to offer. This is why we choose to focus and work in the natural health and nutrition arena. Through the fusion of wholesome, clean food and targeted high quality supplements, and qualified doctors with a natural perspective, we can treat the whole person.

Whether this is the first supplement you have ever taken or whether you have been taking supplements as long as we have, we want to be your supporter, helper and partner in your journey to true health and wellness. My prayer is that you and your family will live full, healthy, and happy lives.

Dan Chapman,
Founder & CEO, Redd Remedies

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