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Redd Remedies

About Us

The Redd Remedies Story

The Redd Remedies story begins in the 1950’s with my Mom in poor health, suffering with bouts of anxiety, significant fatigue and a long list of allergies and sensitivities.

Suggestions of taking time off to rest were not the solution. Prescription medications offered no cure and no relief. After years of searching for answers, a dentist suggested if she were to change her diet she would see many of her health issues go away, and to her amazement, changing her diet worked! She started eating organically grown foods and quickly started feeling better.

This was the first time in my mom’s life that she made a solid connection between the food she was eating and the way her body responded. Her journey towards health took a leap forward when she and my Dad started a health food store in 1961 and began sharing their discovery with family, friends and community. They focused on education and offered only the very best in every section of the store.

One person at a time, lives were changed and connections were made between what we put into our bodies and our levels of health and performance. Growing up in that environment and witnessing those life changing events created a deep desire and commitment to helping people live full, healthy lives.

As I grew older and began managing Sunrise Health Foods, I noticed gaps in the supplement industry where no effective solutions were available for customers, or they would have to take so many different supplements that it became cost prohibitive and difficult to manage.

I decided to begin developing formulas to target these health concerns in a dosage that would be easy to follow, work quickly, and provide long term nourishment for whole body balance. After years of research and an uncompromising commitment to offer our customers the very best, Redd Remedies was born.

Why the name Redd Remedies? Redd means “to put in order”, which is exactly what we do at Redd Remedies – we deliver natural health solutions to help you put your health in order. We understand that if a person’s health is not in order, it can become the focus of that person’s life.

We also recognize that true health goes beyond what any supplement company has to offer, which is why we choose to work in the natural health and nutrition industry. Through the fusion of wholesome clean food, targeted high quality supplements, and qualified doctors with expertise in natural medicine, we address health from a whole body perspective.

Our formulations are based on a synergy between ancient healing traditions and modern science. After thorough research, we begin by selecting natural ingredients ranging from plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, to European herbals, vitamins, minerals and extracts supported by clinical trials.

We then apply the latest laboratory processing and testing techniques to insure every bottle contains exactly what is on the label and will deliver the intended results. With considerable growth since the delivery of our first product in 2005, we now offer over 30 products targeting a range of health issues in 10 categories.

Available online and at over 3500 stores across the United States and around the world, Redd Remedies formulations have helped tens of thousands of people put their health in order and achieve life-changing results. Redd Remedies can help you reap those same rewards of a balanced, healthy life.