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Thyroid Strong

Revitalize Your Thyroid Health

Thyroid health is whole body health. Your brain, adrenal glands, HPA axis, and liver all play a role. Award-winning Thyroid Strong™ keeps your thyroid strong with a steady supply of zinc, copper, and selenium that also support a healthy metabolism.* Together, this formula provides a comprehensive answer to supporting healthy thyroid function.*

  • Nourishes the entire thyroid system, not just the thyroid itself*
  • Supports a healthy metabolism and energy levels*
  • Promotes a balanced stress response*
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Key Benefits

Supports and nourishes every part of your thyroid system, including your liver, brain, and cortisol levels, to balance your overall health.*

How It Works

This blend of nourishing herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals promotes healthy thyroid gland function by supporting metabolism, energy production, mood, and hormone balance.*

How To Take

Take 2 capsules of Thyroid Strong™ daily with food.

Ingredients & Formulation

Unlike products that overwork your thyroid hormones with megadoses of iodine, Thyroid Strong™ is formulated with adaptogen herbs, minerals, and other natural ingredients that assists every part of the thyroid system, so you can feel the positive and holistic effects throughout your whole body.

  • Zinc, Copper, and Selenium
  • Kelp and L-Tyrosine
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) and Resveratrol
  • Thyroid Nourishing Blend

Nourish your entire thyroid system.

A healthy thyroid is essential for overall well-being. When the thyroid system is thrown off balance, the negative effects ripple throughout the body. Thyroid Strong™ is designed to give you the energy you need to conquer your day. With this carefully crafted formula, you can leave fatigue and sluggishness behind and live your life with energy and balance.*

Master Herbalist Formulated

Ingredient purity is essential, period. No compromises. Everything starts here. If a company compromises on purity, everything that comes after is for nothing. This is the reason our Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, focuses so much of her time building relationships with wild crafters, suppliers, laboratories, and peers in the “herbal community.”

Our first Core Value is “We believe in what we do.” It shapes so much of what we do at Redd Remedies. It is why we have a Master Herbalist lead our formulation process, herbal selection, and drive our Purity Promise. We take time, study, dive deep, and learn from the age old healing traditions around the world. It’s our commitment to you and your family. Real results using pure, safe ingredient that feed and nourish the body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
John house
My thyroid

I've been taking thyroid strong for years and pleased with the results

Angelica N

I love the combination of ingredients in this product – Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Zinc, and more. Thyroid Strong has helped increase and balance my overall energy levels naturally. Highly recommend!


This seems to be just right for me. My lab results were a little low, but not out of range, so I felt better about adding some support. So far, so good -- I feel great, have energy, and am not gaining weight. I plan to stay on this unless future labs would indicate otherwise.

Jennifer Marks

These didn’t help me at all. Seem to have some good ingredients but wasn’t a match for me.

C. Joseph Witte

I had the opportunity to meet with the CEO and learn about their process at a tradeshow. I was really impressed with the magnitude of testing they perform on their products, and the history of their organization and commitment to quality. I have an under active thyroid, and needed a supplement, and this really helped!

Frequently Asked…

How much iodine is in Thyroid Strong™? 

The iodine content in Thyroid Strong™ is intentionally low. We are aware that many individuals use separate iodine supplements to support thyroid health and can (and do) take too much iodine. Not every thyroid issue is related to a lack of iodine. Many outside factors, such as chronic stress and liver function, affect the health and function of the thyroid system, and those factors have nothing to do with iodine. If you know that you require additional iodine, you can take more iodine separately. We also use kelp as a source of iodine, as this food source iodine, along with the other naturally occurring minerals found in kelp, is a better choice than isolated iodine salts. Because of this, the amount of iodine will vary from lot to lot. The amount of iodine ranges from 4 to 7 micrograms per 2 capsules of Thyroid Strong™.

What is Japanese Knotweed? 

Love for Redd

Customer received product in exchange for honest review.