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Lung Care™


The Lung Care supplement and Lung Care™ Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser is a complete respiratory health system designed to support healthy breathing capacity and respiratory wellness.*

  • Supports healthy lung and respiratory function* 
  • Boosts the immune system*
  • Protects the respiratory system and promotes airflow*

Lung Care™ is Master Herbalist formulated to support respiratory wellness and balanced immune function.* 

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Key Benefits

Nourishes and supports the whole respiratory system, as well as muscles around the lungs and the immune system.*

How It Works

Formulated with foundational nutrients that are essential for a healthy respiratory system, Lung Care™ promotes lung function and breathing capacity.*

How To Take

For adults, take 2 capsules twice daily. For children ages 6 and older, take 2 capsules daily.

Ingredients & Formulation

Lung Care™ brings together an incredible combination of herbs and minerals – Vitamin C and B6 are foundational nutrients to sustain a healthy respiratory system, magnesium, which relaxes your muscles for ample air flow, Reishi mushrooms to promote overall immune function, and a powerful blend of botanicals for overall lung support.*

This natural and gluten-free formula delivers comprehensive respiratory wellness.*

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium (Lung Care)
  • Healthy Lung Blend
  • Reishi

Healthy lungs. Support for the respiratory system.

Nearly all of us take the act of breathing for granted – we don't even think about it. Yet, with the rise of environmental toxins and other irritants in the air we breathe, your respiratory health is something to start taking seriously, and nourishing your lungs involves more than just keeping airways clear.

That’s why Lung Care™ supports the whole respiratory system, as well as the muscles around the lungs and immune system, so you can have confidence that your lungs are being taken care of.*

Master Herbalist Formulated

Ingredient purity is essential, period. No compromises. Everything starts here. If a company compromises on purity, everything that comes after is for nothing. This is the reason our Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, focuses so much of her time building relationships with wild crafters, suppliers, laboratories, and peers in the “herbal community.”

Our first Core Value is “We believe in what we do.” It shapes so much of what we do at Redd Remedies. It is why we have a Master Herbalist lead our formulation process, herbal selection, and drive our Purity Promise. We take time, study, dive deep, and learn from the age old healing traditions around the world. It’s our commitment to you and your family. Real results using pure, safe ingredient that feed and nourish the body.

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Frequently Asked…

 What is Malabar Nut Extract? Is it from nuts?

Malabar nut is the FDA-mandated common name for Adhatoda vasica. This botanical is also known as Vasaka in India. Adhatoda vasica is a tropical flowering shrub native to India. The leaves of the plant are used in Lung Care.

Does Lung Care contain stimulants?
If I take the Lung Care Supplement, do I need to use the Lung Care Travel Diffuser with it?

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