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Uric acid can stop you dead in your tracks – but now there's a proven, natural solution: award-winning Gouch!™

  • Supports healthy uric acid levels already within normal range*
  • Nourishes healthy kidney and immune function*
  • Promotes a more active lifestyle

Excess uric acid doesn’t just affect your joints. It affects your whole life. Gouch!™ was formulated to fight the agony of excess uric acid, and help you take back the healthy life you deserve!

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Key Benefits

Award-winning Gouch™ supports healthy uric acid levels naturally.

How It Works

Gouch!™ supports healthy uric acid levels by nourishing your kidney function and your immune system.

How To Take

2 capsules of Gouch™, twice daily for the first three days, then 2 capsules daily thereafter. Best taken on an empty stomach.

Ingredients & Formulation

Uric acid builds up when our kidneys are overburdened and undernourished.

Gouch™ nourishes your kidneys naturally to allow them to regulate healthy uric acid levels like they were designed to do!*

  • Tart Cherries
  • Quercetin
  • Boerhavia Root
  • Couch Grass
  • Ginger Root

Fight uric acid. And win!

Excess uric acid has knocked you off your feet, and it doesn't just affect your joints, it affects your whole life! Gouch!™ is here to get you back up, so you can get your active lifestyle back quickly.

Master Herbalist Formulated

Ingredient purity is essential, period. No compromises. Everything starts here. If a company compromises on purity, everything that comes after is for nothing. This is the reason our Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, focuses so much of her time building relationships with wild crafters, suppliers, laboratories, and peers in the “herbal community.”

Our first Core Value is “We believe in what we do.” It shapes so much of what we do at Redd Remedies. It is why we have a Master Herbalist lead our formulation process, herbal selection, and drive our Purity Promise. We take time, study, dive deep, and learn from the age old healing traditions around the world. It’s our commitment to you and your family. Real results using pure, safe ingredient that feed and nourish the body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
Ron Pytash
Good Results

I have used gouch for several years and have had good luck with it. Seems to help with controlling my gout and helps my kidney function. I take gouch daily.

Michael Golas
Excellent Relief

About 6 years ago I was having strong gout problems. I started using Gouch and the pain went away and with routine usage has never returned.

bob chance

Best compliments


It works. Nothing more to say.

Ronald Brown

How well it works.

Frequently Asked…

What is uric acid?

 Uric acid is a byproduct created by the breakdown of purines. Purines are found in many foods and are created by normal cellular processes. Foods high in purines include: beer, meats, and sardines. High fructose corn syrup, while devoid of purines, contributes to excess uric acid in the body.

Can’t I just drink Cherry juice and get the same results?
How long should I continue to take Gouch?
 I don’t have problems with uric acid, but I do want to support my kidney health. Will Gouch! be beneficial for that?

Love for Redd

Customer received product in exchange for honest review.