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At Ease™

Quiet a busy mind, calm your nerves, and support attention and focus – without dulling your senses. Award-winning At Ease™ delivers when and where you need it most, leaving you calm yet recharged and invigorated, ready to face the day’s challenges.

  • Promotes focus and concentration*
  • Supports reduction of stress and nervous tension*
  • Naturally calming*

Master Herbalist formulated to reduce stress and ease your mind, experience At Ease™ today.

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Key Benefits

Promotes a reduction in stress and calms the mind & body without dulling the senses. Supports superior focus and concentration.*

How It Works

Supports the body’s resistance to stress with adaptogens that are supercharged with amino acids, B vitamins and magnesium.*

How To Take

Take 2 tablets of At Ease™, twice daily (4 total), with food.

Ingredients & Formulation

Formulated with non-sedative ingredients, At Ease™ supports the body’s resistance to stress with adaptogens, supercharged with amino acids, B vitamins, and magnesium.*

  • GABA
  • L-Theanine
  • 5-HTP
  • Bacopa
  • B-vitamins and Choline
  • Schisandra
  • Magnesium

Calm the mind. Reduce the stress.

An overactive mind makes simple tasks hard. At Ease™ calms your mind with a holistic formula that helps you relax and focus on what matters most.*

Whether it’s preparing for a big exam, getting ready to take that flight, or walking on stage to give a presentation, At Ease™ can help keep you sharp and ready to take on that nerve-wracking task.

Made with naturally calming amino acids, adaptogenic herbs and nutrients, it's perfect for taking on daytime stress without putting you to sleep. If busy thoughts also interfere with your sleep, try At EasePM™.

Master Herbalist Formulated

Ingredient purity is essential, period. No compromises. Everything starts here. If a company compromises on purity, everything that comes after is for nothing. This is the reason our Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, focuses so much of her time building relationships with wild crafters, suppliers, laboratories, and peers in the “herbal community.”

Our first Core Value is “We believe in what we do.” It shapes so much of what we do at Redd Remedies. It is why we have a Master Herbalist lead our formulation process, herbal selection, and drive our Purity Promise. We take time, study, dive deep, and learn from the age old healing traditions around the world. It’s our commitment to you and your family. Real results using pure, safe ingredient that feed and nourish the body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Omg! What an amazing product! My husband used to take cbd edibles but this one is better! Instead of one-time effect, it has long-term benefits & helps to be in a calm state of mind. I really recommend it to anyone who is stressed at work, overwhelmed with every day activities or just trying to regain control of its own life.


I actually take it before bedtime, here is where it has changed my life. Before I would wake up at night and could not go back to sleep. Since I started taking this I still wake up, however when I lay back down my mind is not racing a million thoughts and I quickly fall back asleep. I am eternally greatful how this has helped me.


Does exactly what I need it to, 10/10


I’ve been taking these for only a few days and I can feel the difference already! I have a 2 year old.. and we all know it’s not an easy job being a stay at home parent.. but this has definitely helped me to stay calm during the day. I also suffer from bad anxiety, especially during the night and now I’ve been getting such good sleep! I’ve tried everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) but this product has been the best one yet!

Jennifer A Miller

This is a supplement that helps you it is naturally relaxing and it’s supposed to resist emotional stress taken twice daily two pills will help with hope and possibility. It is a dietary supplement that comes with 80 tablets. It has vitamins, such as B1, niacin, B6, magnesium, and so many more vitamins. #vitamins #b6 #magnesium

Frequently Asked…

Does At Ease™ cause drowsiness?

At Ease™ does not contain sedative ingredients. This formula is designed to promote what we call “alert relaxation.”

I have problems with focus, concentration and attention? Can I use At Ease™?
Can my child take At Ease™? 
How long should I continue to take At Ease™? 

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