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Ingredients You Can Trust

Each herb is unique and can be slightly different from year-to-year. At Redd Remedies, we have refused many herbs that other companies approved. Why? Because our Master Herbalist knows exactly what to look for and what potential toxins can cause harm.

Why The Minimum Is Not Enough

High-quality products are possible only through quality ingredients. Since day one, Redd Remedies has been committed to creating formulas that work, which drives our passion to help people live their best and healthiest lives.

To accomplish this mission, we go further to ensure that each ingredient in our formulas is exactly what we intended, and what is listed on the labels. Sometimes, our rigorous ingredient identification process leads to limited product supply, but we would rather sacrifice our bottom line than use inferior ingredients just to meet a number and sacrifice your health.

At Redd Remedies, our focus is on you, your wellness, and your health.

Ingredient Selection

We are careful to select the best quality herbs, nutrient dense foods, minerals, and essential oils. Additionally, we only work with suppliers who respect traditional herb use, including harvesting, processing, testing, and accountability.

All ingredients are obtained in a manner that protects the environment, people, and survival of these priceless natural plants.

Ingredient Verification

All ingredients are tested for identity, purity, and potency, using established and valid testing methods most suited to each natural ingredient. We obtain and review certificates of analysis, including full disclosure of potential food allergies and GMO status.

All raw materials are screened to assure purity.

Manufacturing Process Verification

Each step of the manufacturing process is double-checked and verified, including:

  • safe and sanitary bottles, lids, and seals
  • inspecting and approving equipment and the weights of capsules and tablets

Consistent standard operating procedures are always followed to ensure each capsule or tablet contains the specific dosage of ingredients listed on the label.

Finished Product Testing

We test for heavy metals, gluten, microbes, aflatoxins, residues, and pesticides. These tests are conducted by industry-leading 3rd-party laboratories. We verify that tablets and capsules break down within an efficient, effective time frame.

All products are tested by laboratories with expertise in dietary supplements and botanical analysis.

Master Herbalist Formulated

Ingredient purity is essential, period. No compromises. Everything starts here. If a company compromises on purity, everything that comes after is for nothing. This is the reason our Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, focuses so much of her time building relationships with wild crafters, suppliers, laboratories, and peers in the “herbal community.”

Our first Core Value is “We believe in what we do.” It shapes so much of what we do at Redd Remedies. It is why we have a Master Herbalist lead our formulation process, herbal selection, and drive our Purity Promise. We take time, study, dive deep, and learn from the age old healing traditions around the world. It’s our commitment to you and your family. Real results using pure, safe ingredient that feed and nourish the body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Pesticides Do You Test For?

Redd Remedies tests for pesticide residues, including those banned in the United States, the European Union, and elsewhere, and the top 5 pesticides used globally. Pesticide residues can appear even in organic botanicals due to drift or water contamination. Because our supply chain is global, we use an extensive pesticide panel to verify and hold our suppliers accountable. Below are some examples of pesticides included in our panel.

Atrazine. This herbicide is an endocrine disruptor that has been tied to the formation of breast tumors, delayed puberty, feminization, and prostate cancer.

DDT. This pesticide was banned in the U.S. in 1972. But because it is a POP, traces of this probable human carcinogen and endocrine disruptor can still be found in crops today. Studies suggest that girls exposed to DDT before puberty are five times more likely to develop breast cancer in middle age.

Organophosphates. This family of neurotoxic pesticides includes malathione, parathion, dichlorvos, diazinon, ethion, fenthion, and chlorpyrifos. There is some evidence that these pesticides can interfere with the way testosterone communicates with cells, lowering testosterone and altering thyroid hormone levels. These pesticides are also possible carcinogens.

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