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Redd Remedies

Master Herbalist and Product Formulator

Unique to Redd Remedies, our formulation process is led by our own Master Herbalist.

The Keeper of Health

What Is a Master Herbalist?

A Master Herbalist understands how plants can be used for healing and maintaining optimal wellness. The Master Herbalist studies herbology, herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine to gain a wide understanding of how different cultures and plants from around the world have been used to address one’s physical and emotional well-being.

Herbalists seek the root cause of a health challenge, and understand how to source the ideal herbs based on the symptoms an individual is experiencing. The recommended application can be in the form of capsules, teas, liquids, salts, creams, or as a food supplement.

Formulating for Results

Redd Remedies is on a mission to help you feel better so you can live better! When you're in good health, you can reach your goals and have the greatest impact on the world around you.

The Body

Our approach to formulation is based on the premise that all the parts of the body are connected. What affects one, affects all. Organs and systems work together. The goal is harmony and balance.

The Problem

Taking our cues from the body, we map out the problem and determine everything the body needs to fully and completely address the problem.

The Solution

We design condition-specific formulas with a deliberate, holistic approach to give the body what it needs to heal.

All Redd Remedies’ formulas are designed to:

Redd’s Master Herbalist & Formulator

Stacey Littlefield

Stacey Littlefield

Stacey Littlefield earned a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon, bestowing upon her the designation of Master Herbalist.

Equipped with over 20 years of experience in the natural products industry, Stacey is passionate about natural medicines and utilizing nutritious food to improve overall health. Stacey has helped formulate Redd Remedies’ line of products, which have received national recognition for their formulation, purity, and effectiveness.

“The body is strong and resilient, yet requires a delicate balance to function optimally. We create formulas to work with your body, nourishing and supporting it to heal and, ultimately, return to a perfect state of balance.”

— Stacey Littlefield

The Miracle of Adaptogens

Adaptogen herbs are an elite class of botanicals that work to improve the brain and body’s resistance to stress. They are non-toxic, have a balancing effect on multiple body systems, and do not disturb body functions already at a normal level.

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