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Control Sugar Cravings with Crave Stop

Control Sugar Cravings with Crave Stop

Craving sugar? You’re not alone. Trying to reduce the sugar in your diet? It’s not always easy!

Sugar lurks in just about every food we buy off the grocery store shelves, whether it is cookies, peanut butter or pasta sauce. Think about the following statement: “The American Heart Association target for total annual sugar consumption is 22 pounds per person, per year.” The reality: Average Americans consume about 142 pounds of sugar per year, 66 pounds of which come from hidden sugars.

Why the over-consumption?
Our brain leads us to believe we need a sugar fix. Research shows that excess sugar consumption may produce a cycle of craving and withdrawal for some people. Sugar also triggers chemical changes in the brain’s reward center similar to a craving for, or dependency on, drugs or alcohol. There is growing concern about the addictive characteristics of sugar.
To help the brain and body work together to better tackle sugar cravings, Redd Remedies has created a new formula for their Crave Stop™ dietary supplement. The new formulation helps support healthy blood sugar levels and control cravings.

Blood sugar cycle
The body needs a certain amount of sugar to produce energy. But when we consume excess sugars, they can cause an intense spike in blood sugar. A severe drop in blood sugar usually follows. The intense spike in glucose results in insulin resistance, and muscles are unable to take up the glucose to produce energy. But the brain requires high levels of energy and glucose to maintain self-control. When blood sugar levels are low, the brain will not be able to spend the energy to override impulses. So, the reward system in the brain is activated and the sugar cravings kick in while the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which acts as an override for the cravings, is under-activated. Again, stress hormones build up, and our resistance crumbles before high caloric foods.

Breaking the cycle
So how do we break this cycle? It is widely accepted that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, and reduce stress. However, for some of us, sheer will power and self-control may not be enough.

Redd Remedies’ Crave Stop™ is a blend of minerals and herbs that help manage sugar cravings and promote a healthy appetite. The new formula includes InSea2®, Crominex® 3+, Gymnema Sylvestre and American Ginseng.

InSea2® is a proprietary blend of natural polyphenols from two wildcrafted brown seaweeds that supports healthy blood sugar levels after meals. InSea2 acts before sugar and starches even reach the blood stream and affect the brain, as it starts to work in the digestive tract, inhibiting the action of key dietary enzymes involved in the digestion and assimilation of sugar and starch. It slows the pace of converting carbs to sugars, reducing the insulin peak following a meal and decreasing glycemic stress.

Crominex3+ is a chromium complex consisting of amla, an edible fruit better known as Indian gooseberry, and purified Shilajit. Chromium is an essential trace element our body uses for digestion. Amla is one of the most antioxidant rich foods available and helps support healthy blood sugar levels. Shilajit, a pale brown/black exudate found in the Himalayas, has adaptogenic properties and supports healthy blood glucose levels.

Gymnema sylvestre is a powerful appetite suppression herb native to India and Sri Lanka. Studies show it helps to control cravings for sugar and sweets by supporting glucose tolerance, reducing sugar absorption during digestion, and supporting insulin sensitivity.

American Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb that grows mainly in North America. It has been shown to help balance stress hormones and blood glucose levels. Ginseng extract is also known to function as a natural appetite suppressant.

Redd Remedies’ Crave Stop helps control appetite and sugar cravings by supporting healthy sugar metabolism and promoting a healthy appetite. It also supports a healthy stress response, promotes the body’s healthy use of insulin, and supports healthy adrenal function. One to two capsules taken 30 minutes before meals is suggested, especially prior to high carb meals.

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