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Redd Remedies

Dealing with Anxiety and the Pain of Panic Attacks.

Struggling with panic attacks and fierce bouts of anxiety, Amy turned to holistic medicine… and found her solution!

This blog reveals:

  • The story of Amy, a woman fighting to take her life back from anxiety.
  • The natural ingredients she looked for to help release her from panic attacks.
  • The formula she found which helped her reduce stress and nervous tension, while promoting focus and concentration!

The story below is taken directly from Amy’s blog, The Daily Weaving. If you’d like to read the original post in its entirety, click here.

The story of Amy, a woman fighting anxiety for the first time.

Image by 1388843 from Pixabay

“Anxiety was never an issue for me until about 4 or 5 months ago. Sure, I had times of worry and stress like most people, but what a wake-up call to have my first anxiety (panic) attack!

The rapid heart-rate, sweaty palms, and lack of focus… Panic attacks are frightening because even though your head may be telling you it’s only temporary-- to just hang on--the body feels like it’s revved up like a jet engine with nowhere to go. What is most strange to me is that panic attacks come out of the blue.

We’re gifted with that “fight or flight” adrenaline rush when in a stressful situation to save our hides, but when this same rush comes over you while in a business meeting or at a hair appointment, well.. it’s frightening and embarrassing. My panic attacks started coming more frequently and increasingly limited my daily activities.”

Discovering the ingredients that could help…

“During lunch at work one day, I spent the hour researching holistic remedies for anxiety. I had already explored what the western medical community offered and was still in need of answers and help for my overall health.

And please don’t misunderstand me. I understand and accept the place of traditional medicine and practices. I’m just saying in my case, what they offered left me in need of something more.

What I discovered from the holistic side of treating anxiety, were main ingredients that seem to help people in a variety of supplemental forms. Those ingredients are:

  • L-Theanine
  • GABA (as gamma-aminobutyric acid)
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract
  • L- 5 Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)
  • Magnesium
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Schizandra Berry Extract
  • Passion Flower
  • Ashwagandha Root

After discovering these key ingredients, I went directly to the Healthy Life Market at our local Drug Emporium after work and asked for help finding a supplement with at least some of these ingredients. The very informative Darlene, brought Redd Remedies to my attention, specifically, their product labeled, At Ease™."

Her formula to reduce stress and promote focus!

"What I am MOST pleased to share with you is how effective At Ease™ has been for me. I began by taking 1 tablet (recommended dose is ) on a Saturday afternoon. After a few hours had passed without any adverse feelings or stomach upset, I took the second tablet. That day was bliss.

The package says: “At Ease™ is relaxing but not sedative. We call it “Alert Relaxation”.

And that’s exactly right!

That is precisely how I felt that entire day... calm, alert, clear-headed.

I have followed the prescribed dose for two weeks now. Happily, I have not had a panic attack during this time and thankfully, have had no ill effects from this supplement. It feels like a miracle to me to be comfortable in my body once again.

I was so impressed with how well At Ease™ worked, that I called the company to ask additional questions.

To my surprise, a real human voice answered the phone and cheerfully discussed with me about the history of the company, manufacturing procedures and duration of use for their products."

The answer to her prayers.

Photo by processingly on Unsplash

"Redd Remedies is worth looking into. If you’re struggling with anxiety, be assured that there is help.

You should always consult your doctor about taking any supplements, particularly if you are taking prescription medications. Some supplements can interfere with prescription medications, so educate yourself.

You can’t be “talked out of worry and negative thoughts” (as those may say who have never experienced anxiety) when the actual factors involve restoring neurotransmitter balance and adrenal health.

Sometimes it’s matter over mind. Redd Remedies has been an answered prayer for me.”

Do you need help fighting off nerves and stress?

AtEase Naturally relaxing and uplifting, For stress and nervous tension, Promotes focus and concentration - 80 Tablets

At Ease™ is a calm and relaxing formula that doesn’t dull the senses.

Formulated with non-sedative ingredients, At Ease™ supports the body’s resistance to stress with potent adaptogens!

Supercharged with amino acids, B vitamins and magnesium, At Ease™ promotes relaxation while maintaining alertness!

The stress of a busy lifestyle, endless to-do lists, and everything you need to keep track of, can take a toll on your body and mind. Imagine being able to navigate through your day with a sense of calm, clarity and focus with your brain functioning at its very best!

Help fight anxiety, resist panic attacks, and achieve “alert relaxation” with At Ease™!

* Featured Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

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