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Redd Remedies

Not All Immune Support Is Created Equal

Redd Remedies formula philosophy gets explained in the is quick video on elderberry from Dan Chapman, founder.

At Redd Remedies, we want to make sure we have you covered with everything to make your holidays the best they can be for your entire family. Here are just a few aspects that make this Flu Buster Bundle an ideal purchase:

  • Immune Vrl Pro™ offers rapid response support for a healthy immune system and supports its function as the entire body's defense structure from the skin, to the nerves and the respiratory system.*
  • Our Throat Drops are non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and completely natural! There is nothing else like the experience of our cooling menthol vapors from pure essential oils to help you breath and soothe your throat.

Our Flu Buster Bundle Sale starts right now. Everything you need to get through the holidays healthy and well.

Redd Remedies Flu Buster Bundle

Get 2 Bottles of Immune Vrl Pro at 20% Off and a Bag of FREE Throat Drops.
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