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Everything You Need To Know About Hand Sanitizer!

It’s disappearing from shelves faster than the stores can stock it.

A quick glance at YouTube and you’ll find dozens of popular videos on how to make your replacement at-home.

But, is hand sanitizer actually necessary when it comes to hygiene?

We attempt to answer this question by studying both the good and the bad of this divisive product.

Regardless if it’s with soap or sanitizer, if you’re cleaning your hands, you’re doing a good thing.

Without a doubt, our hands are the parts of our bodies most susceptible to the transmission of germs.

Our hands hold the key to ‘touch’, one of our five key senses that we use to understand the world around us. As a result, our hands are persistently in contact with foreign surfaces, whether it be furniture, food, or even other people.

We don’t realize how often we mindlessly touch our faces. A slight itch is easily taken care of with a scratch from the index finger.

Unfortunately, this allows germs to travel to our face, closer to our mouth and nostrils, with easier access into our bodies.

Making sure that our hands are as clean as can be is of paramount importance.

What does Sanitizer Have Going For It?


Travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer definitely have a role to play in the fight against bacteria, simply due to how easy it is to access.

This gives hand sanitizer a big advantage against the regular soap and water, as those are not always readily available.

If you’re out on errands or on a walk, a bathroom can be hard to come by, and if you end up touching something you think could be dirty, hand sanitizer really helps out.

However, compared to regular soap and water, the benefits of hand sanitizer come to a grinding halt here.

Sanitizer doesn’t discriminate against any sort of bacteria - and that includes the good kind!

We have a negative reaction whenever we hear the word “bacteria.” We see it as a purely negative force.

What many don’t realize is that there are plenty of helpful bacteria in the world as well, often referred to as flora. Plenty of flora is found on our hands at any given moment, and can play a role in keeping us safe.

However, hand sanitizer is not designed to spare these sorts of bacteria from its power. So, when you kill the bacteria on your hands, you’re not just killing the enemies, but your allies as well.

While sanitizer works in the short-term, it can lead to devastating longer-term effects.

You’ll notice when you buy a bottle of hand sanitizer, it often proclaims: “Gets rid of 99.9% of germs!” or something to that effect.

This is potentially very dangerous. While your hands may be cleaner in the short-term, resistant bacteria (that .1%) are encouraged to stick around and multiply, this time with no flora around to help keep them in check.

Hand sanitizer just doesn’t clean your hands the way soap and water do.

Sanitizer, for all of its good qualities, simply doesn’t clean nearly as thoroughly as soap.

Soaps are able to remove dirt and debris, the homes of many types of bacteria, (and the bacteria they harbor) from your hands and down the drain.

It is also far more effective at binding and removing dangerous bacteria and viruses, while still keeping flora on your hands.

Hand sanitizer is a good alternative for emergencies when there isn’t soap and water readily available. But you shouldn’t substitute it when you are presented with the choice.

When choosing a back-up sanitizer, always choose one with an alcohol-base, as there isn’t much data available on alcohol-free products. We know alcohol DOES kill viruses, and the alcohol content should exceed 60%.

Staying clean gives you a headstart on keeping your health in order, but you can do more.

With the amount of foreign substances we come into contact with on a daily basis, it is fool-hardy to assume that we will never have to engage with harmful bacteria.

That’s why you need to be certain that your immune system is up to the job.

With our wide array of formulas, you know that you’ll be getting the care you need to keep your immune system up and running in the face of harmful bacteria.

Click here to check out our immune-boosting products now, and give yourself the best chance of beating bacteria!

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