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Ginger for Flavor and Health

When ginger delivers flavor in a beverage or food, it also provides benefits for the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Ginger has been known, valued and traded for thousands of years, originally throughout Asia, India and Arabic regions, and then on into ancient Greece and Rome. Cherished for its flavor and respected for its ability to improve health, a pound of ginger was once equal in trade for a live sheep. Confucius is claimed to have said he never went without ginger when he ate.

Ginger is now grown in Jamaica and humid tropics across the globe. Its underground tuberous rhizomes (commonly called roots) are used fresh or dried, in teas and other beverages, foods and supplements. Components including gingerols, vitamin A and niacin may also be found in distilled ginger oils and extracts.

Valuable Benefits

Ginger’s ability to calm the stomach has led to numerous studies, including a NASA-funded study at LSU and U.S. Navy studies involving sailors serving in high-sea areas.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract and helps maintain a healthy gut microbe balance. Ginger also supports healthy liver and gall bladder function, contributing to maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance, as well as healthy circulation. All these effects help keep the digestive system functioning properly, which in turn supports healthy immune system function.

Known as a warming herb in the Chinese tradition, ginger gently opens blood vessels to support circulation to the hands and feet. It also helps with discomfort in muscles and joints.

Because of its support for so many systems involved in helping to achieve balance and health, Redd Remedies includes ginger root extract in the following targeted natural supplements: Immune Vrl Pro™, Gouch!™ and Gouch!™ Liquid, Lung Care™, and all flavors of our Throat Drops.

Ginger ale, ginger tea, gingerbread. Remember when you eat them – the flavor you are going for carries some nice benefits.

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