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Healthy Lungs, Comfortable Breathing for a Healthy, Active Life

Healthy lung structure and function is a cornerstone of our overall health, but taking care of our lungs involves more than keeping airways clear. To support the entire process of breathing, we need to nourish and support the whole respiratory system, as well as our muscles and immune system. Maintaining a healthy stress response is also critical, as tense muscles will prevent the lungs from fully filling with air, making it difficult to deliver the oxygen required by every one of our cells.

The Redd Remedies targeted Lung Care™ supplement and aromatherapy inhaler promote healthy lung function and breathing capacity. Our inhaler delivers essential oils that help support the respiratory system, and our unique gluten-free natural supplement formula includes foundational nutrients, a blend of herbs from respected traditions, and the adaptogen Reishi.

Foundational Nutrients
Our formula starts with a base of foundational nutrients that are essential nutrients for healthy lungs and muscles.

Vitamin C
This essential vitamin supports the respiratory system and plays an important role in immune function. It is depleted by cigarette smoke and negatively impacted by several common respiratory issues. Our formula includes non-GMO ascorbic acid, with the same bioavailability as the vitamin C found in foods.

Vitamin B6
This important vitamin supports a healthy nervous system and adrenal function, and it plays a key role as a coenzyme in many metabolic processes, including the creation of cellular energy.

This mineral, crucial to the body’s function, is essential for muscle relaxation. It is beneficial to heart health and lung function, which go hand-in-hand. It helps the lungs relax, so we can breathe deeply and fill the lungs fully with air.

Healthy Lung Herbs
We include a proprietary blend of herbs in our Lung Care™ supplement to support respiratory health.

Two herbs drawn from the Ayurvedic tradition are Adhatoda vasica and Tylophora asthmatica, also known as Indian ipecac. Leaf extracts from these herbs support healthy lung and respiratory function.

Ginger root has a long history in both Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions. It supports circulation and healthy respiratory system function. Zhejiang fritillary, from the Chinese tradition, helps in maintaining clear air passageways. Mullein, used for thousands of years across Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean and North America, is a soothing herb that helps support healthy lungs and normal immune system function.

Reishi is an important adaptogen that has been used traditionally for respiratory health and a healthy immune response. It helps us maintain a healthy stress response. Stress can contribute to breathing problems and strain the heart. Reishi’s calming and balancing effects help support our overall well-being.

Redd Remedies Lung Care™ natural supplement makes it easy to take all these beneficial nutrients by bringing them together in convenient capsules.

Lung Care™ Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser
Used in conjunction with the Lung Care™ supplement, or taken alone, this inhaler delivers four whole essential oils that provide direct support to the respiratory system. Our blend of Red Mandarin, Cypress, Niaouli and Sweet Marjoram can be inhaled deeply and taken as often as desired.

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