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Herbs to Help You Ease into Sleep

Three herbs with long-standing traditions for aiding with relaxation and promoting healthy sleep come together in the At Ease PM Healthy Sleep Blend: lemon balm, hops and California poppy.

Lemon Balm

For over 2,000 years, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) has been cultivated as a bee plant and known for its value in flavoring food as well as promoting health. A member of the mint family, its name (Melissa) is derived from the Greek word for bee.

Ancient Greeks drank lemon balm infused in wine, and by the 9th century, it was planted widely in monastery gardens across the realm of Charlemagne. Records from the Middle Ages and Renaissance record its use for, among other things, calming and promoting restful sleep. One of lemon balm’s other features may contribute to its ability to assist with relaxation – it is also known to promote healthy digestion.


Although most popularly known as a primary ingredient in brewing beer, hops (Humulus lupulus) has been eaten as a food since ancient Romans prepared young shoots like asparagus. Native to northern climates from western Asia to northwest North America, the vine was originally known for its preservative properties.

The pale green fruits that look like tiny pinecones contain the health promoting properties, used by several Native American tribes to make teas to help ease discomfort and hasten sleep. Notable historic figures, including King George of England and Abraham Lincoln, reportedly slept with a hops pillow to help them relax and improve sleep. Again, hops has some digestive aide properties, which helps make the body more comfortable and ready to sleep.

California Poppy

The State Flower of California, California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is an ornamental flowering plant that covers hillsides along the western coast of North America. It has been used as a food and its bright flowers used as a garnish, in addition to its use to as a helpful herb.

California poppy is being studied for its impact on a variety of health concerns, including its ability to help promote relaxation and restful sleep. Some of the other areas its properties seem to impact include healthy bladder and liver function, reducing discomfort and promoting healthy mood – all factors in getting a good, full night’s sleep.

Healthy Sleep Blend

Each of these respected herbs contributes unique characteristics that taken together add up to strong support for relaxed and comfortable sleep. We combine these three calming herbs with carefully selected vitamins and nutrients in our At Ease PM, to help you enjoy a calm, relaxing and restorative sleep.

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