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How Roland Relieved his “Intense Joint Pain and Inflammation”

“It also reduced the ‘snap...crackle… and POP!’ that I experienced whenever I bent my knees!”

This video reveals:

Take one look at Roland Johnson and you’ll see a bright, friendly face adorned with a welcoming smile!

However, when we first met Roland, that smile was nowhere to be seen. The poor man was in agony.

According to Roland, he was suffering from “a painful flare up of gout” that brought him “intense joint pain and inflammation.”

He came to us because a good friend of his recommended that he try Gouch!™, our all-natural formula for removing excess uric acid and stopping it’s future build-up.

Watch the video above as he details his amazing experience with the supplement that has now been part of his daily regimen for three years!



Excess uric acid doesn’t just affect your joints. It affects your whole life!

Gouch!™ was formulated to fight the agony of excess uric acid… and help you take back the pain-free life you deserve.

The benefits of this all-natural solution include:

  • REDUCING REDNESS AND SWELLING The anti-inflammatory properties of our powerful ginger root extract help fight the physical pain that excess uric acid causes.
  • INCREDIBLY FAST AND EFFECTIVE Uric acid flare-ups can happen at any time, and need attention, quickly. Gouch!™ users have experienced significant relief within 24-48 hours!
  • THE POWER OF A POUND OF CHERRIES Chowing down on a bag of cherries gets old, fast. Plus, did you know that a pound of cherries contains the same amount of sugar as a can of soda?! Thanks to our tart cherry extract and quercetin, we bring you the benefits of eating an entire pound of cherries in just a single dose...and without the sugar!

Excess uric acid has knocked you off your feet. Gouch!™ is here to get you back up.


*Featured People photo created by javi_indy -

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