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How to Get Organized in 2021 | The Habits and Natural Ingredients You Need!

This article reveals:

Are you sick of your life feeling cluttered and in disarray?

The frustration of living a disorganized life can leave many of us feeling irritable and agitated. However, we’re not alone.

“To get myself organized” is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Many of us are in pursuit of living with focus and clarity.

But, as is the case with many resolutions, this is far easier said than done.

We’re here to help by offering you a plan. What follows is a list of practical tips that can help you lead a more organized life.

But before we begin, we’re also including a list of all-natural ingredients that can help you think clearly, and make big decisions!

Nourish your levels of focus and concentration.

There isn’t much point in developing habits to think clearly unless you’re nourishing the organ responsible for focus and concentration… the brain!

When your brain isn’t properly supported it becomes more difficult to make decisions, and keep track of what you need to accomplish.

Natural brain supplements, also known as ‘nootropics,’ are a wonderful way to help give your brain the nourishment it needs to function at an optimal level.

Three of our favorite powerhouse nootropics are included in our all-natural formula for supporting healthy cognition and brain function, Brain Awakening™.

Brain Awakening Promotes structural brain cell health, supports healthy cognitive function, supports short and long-term memory - 120 Capsules

    • Magtein™ supports both your short and long-term memory, and also helps you maintain optimal levels of concentration and focus!
    • This incredible nootropic also helps fight against the brain “fog” that keeps you unproductive by supporting your learning abilities and working memory.
    • We’ve also included Amla to help protect your cells from free radicals, and Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body works to support the health of both your brain and nervous system.

If you’d like to start thinking clearly, with better concentration and focus, then check the availability of Brain Awakening™, here.

Now to build some organizational habits!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help… or to say “no.”

It’s very common, particularly among men, to avoid asking for assistance when it is needed.

Many personality types will also have a difficult time saying “no,” whether it’s a fear of confrontation or letting someone down.

If you are going to get yourself organized, you must also get comfortable with both of these.

You may want to be of service to someone else, but breaching the capacity of your own workload rarely yields positive results.

After all, there are only so many hours in a day. The more you need to get done, the less time you can dedicate to each task.

Not only does this breed resentment and frustration, but the work you are able to accomplish will likely fall below the quality you want it to be.

Asking for help isn’t weak, and saying “no” isn’t an insult. It’s taking care of yourself.

Declutter on a regular basis.

The saying: “Clear desk, clear mind” couldn’t be more appropriate here.

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Our environment often reflects our internal state. If we are occupying a cluttered space we can find it hard to concentrate and focus, leading us to feel stressed and frustrated.

Take the time to get your space in order. It will make everything that comes after much simpler. Here are some ways to efficiently declutter:

  • Give everything a home. Locate where everything in your space should “live.” That’s where it stays.
  • Return an item when finished with it. Once you’ve used an item, like a hairbrush or pencil, don’t just leave it where you’ve used it. Take it back to its home.
  • Don’t need it? Get rid of it. Streamline and simplify your life by shedding unnecessary possessions that neither fill a technical function, or bring any happiness to your life.

Write everything down by hand.

While we may need a laptop or smart device to capture long pieces of information, there are benefits to keeping a pen and paper on hand.

When we write things down, we make two points of progress:

  • We reinforce the memory of what we have just learned.

When we physically write something, we’re engaging our brain’s motor pathways in a way that benefits the health of our brain. It’s also been shown that when writing something down by hand, we can recall the information for a longer period of time.

  • We can actually see the amount of work we have on our plate.

When we can physically see what needs to be accomplished, we can feel more motivated to finish because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When things aren’t written down, it’s easy to lose a sense of purpose in what you’re doing, and become distracted from the task at hand.

Make schedules and deadlines.

Normally when something needs doing, but doesn’t need to be done right now, we place it on the proverbial back burner… and it gets forgotten.

Instead, when something needs to be done, no matter how urgent or trivial, set a deadline and hold yourself to it. If necessary, tell others to check on the status of your activity to help hold yourself accountable.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Similarly, build a literal to-do list for yourself. Pick a number (typically between 1 and 10) that represents the MAXIMUM amount of items you’d like on your list at any one time.

If the amount of actions on your to-do list exceeds the number you’ve chosen, then you are overloaded, and you must knock items off of that list before you burden yourself with more responsibilities.

Remember, persistence is key.

We are trying to build healthy habits to keep us organized in 2021, and this can take a while. Some claim the average amount of time it takes to build a new habit is about 66 days.

However, we implore you to persevere. Remember, you’re not alone! If you find yourself falling astray of these habits, you can always try again.

In conclusion:

  • Nourish your fatigued brain
  • Learn to say “no” or ask for help.
  • Declutter on a regular basis.
  • Write things down by hand.
  • Set deadlines for yourself.

Let’s get ourselves organized and lean into living healthier lives!

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