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How to stay healthy when your kids go back to school.

This blog includes:

  • The problem with most immune-boosting supplements.
  • The quick and simple quiz that will help you identify the type of immune support you need!
  • A full explanation of the different immune-boosting supplements we have for every immune system.

The big problem with most immune-boosting supplements…

With your kids heading back to school, your immune system is likely going to be exposed to more pathogens than it has over the past few months.

It’s time to invest in an immune-boosting supplement that’s right for you.

But, where do you start? After all, everyone’s immune system is unique.

Some of us may not get sick often, but want to take a regular supplement to keep us healthy. Others may need long-term, on-going immune support.

This is the problem with a lot of immune-boosting supplements. It’s “catch-all care.” Everyone gets funnelled into the same immune-boosting supplement regardless of the specific needs of their own immune system.

Many of these supplements that are designed to help everybody end up helping nobody.

The quick and simple quiz that will help you identify the immune support ingredients you need…

Redd Remedies is fighting this problem by formulating an immune quiz that reveals the type of support your immune system needs.

This will help you identify the ingredients to look for when searching for the right supplement.

We’ve also created four distinct immune support solutions ourselves, and will recommend one to you based on the ingredients your body needs.

To take the short quiz, click here now. If you’re already familiar with the type of immune support you desire, read on to find the supplement that’s right for you…

A full explanation of our immune support supplements…

For those who are healthy, who want to stay healthy…

Just because you feel “healthy” doesn’t mean that your immune system isn’t under threat!

Life is filled with different stressors, physical and emotional, such as heading to work on a commuter train or feeling the pressure of looming deadlines.

These every-day stressors are putting strain on your immune system, and we need to make sure we are operating at our optimum level! That’s why we created Immune Everyday™.

The key to a healthy stress response are special herbs called adaptogens. Immune Everyday™ features Sensoril®, a powerful extract of the adaptogen Ashwagandha, along with rose hips and a blend of traditional mushrooms to boost and support the immune system and reduce the effects of stress.

Immune Everyday™ offers daily support for those of you striving for total immune system balance and wellness! Click here to learn more!

For those looking for on-going, long-term immune support...

Not everyone is afforded the luxury of a fit and firing immune system. Some of us may be looking for perpetual immune support.

For those of us who are, we’ve formulated Immune Advanced™.

Immune Advanced™ also uses adaptogenic herbs to help our body appropriately respond to physical and emotional stressors, but also supports healthy liver function. Why?

Your liver is where your immune system proverbially “goes to school.” It’s where your immune system learns to distinguish between foreign cells and your own! We don’t want our immune system fighting itself!

Finally, it includes an herbal blend to help support your lymph system, keeping integral detoxification pathways clear! Click here to learn more!

For immune systems trying to evict a guest who doesn’t want to leave…

Foreign cells are uninvited guests to the household of our body. Sometimes we luck out, and they scram pretty quickly. Other times, they just don’t want to go…

That’s why we’ve formulated Immune Vrl Pro™!

Immune Vrl Pro™ offers rapid response support for a healthy immune system and supports its function as the entire body’s defense structure – from the skin, to the nerves and the respiratory system!

European elderberry leads the way on immune protection, but it is supported by the adaptogens astragalus and eleuthero which also promote a healthy stress response.

On top of that, eleuthero works with ginger and Chinese licorice root as powerful antivirals, while the latter two also help reinvigorate and replenish our body’s qi (chi), otherwise known as vital life force! Click here to learn more!

For immune systems fighting new-found toxins and inflammation.

Our body is constantly being introduced to foreign substances, contaminants, and toxins that have the potential to harm us.

We’ve created IMMUNE Bac Pro™ to help your body counter these threats!

Immune Bac Pro™ offers rapid response support to help your immune system achieve balance and wellness. Immune Bac Pro™ delivers adaptogens and herbal support for more than just your immune system!

By balancing your gut flora, probiotics, and antibacterials, we deliver support to the digestive system, allowing the immune system to feel less burdened.

Our formula also helps bolster your lymph system, making sure we keep your body’s integral detoxification pathways clear. Click here to learn more!

*Featured Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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