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How to Stop Seasonal Allergies From Disrupting Your Child’s Life.

Seasonal allergies and hayfever can impede your child’s playtime and disrupt their learning experience. We reveal the natural solutions that can help.

This article reveals:

  • The shocking stats on seasonal allergies in children
  • The impact seasonal allergies could have on your child’s grades
  • A Master Herbalist’s concerns with common over-the-counter allergy relief
  • The safe, all-natural remedies for your child’s seasonal allergies

When it comes to fighting seasonal allergies, many of us who suffer are prepared to simply grin and bear it.

However, if it’s our child who is suffering from seasonal allergies? That’s another story.

There are few things worse than watching your child struggle with an irritated throat or a runny nose. Whenever our child is sick, we want to help them, and fast!

If your child is suffering from seasonal allergies, the first thing you should know is they’re certainly not alone.

The stats on seasonal allergies

According to the CDC, in 2010 8.6 million children were reported with respiratory allergies.

That’s staggering, but there’s an even more worrying side to this figure: it’s increased every year in the past decade!

So, what’s the deal? Why are the numbers increasing the way they are?

The short answer: we don’t know. But there are plenty of theories that range from the amount of GMOs in our food, to the wealth of contaminants that are constantly being introduced to our environment.

Not knowing what’s causing our kids to suffer this way is infuriating. Not only does it affect their play time, it can also really affect their school performance, as well.

Seasonal allergies in the classroom and OTC allergy relief

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Whether the classroom is within a school or in your home, it’s important that your child is in an environment where they can focus.

Well, they’ll have a hard time doing that when they’re coping with a runny nose, incessant sneezing, and a sore throat.

We desperately want our kids to have the best chance of success, so what do we do? We run to the local pharmacy and grab some over-the-counter allergy-relief, of course!

Unfortunately, our Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, informs us that this may not be a great idea.

“Many of the over-the-counter medications offered for children’s allergies actually hinder the learning process. They decrease focus and concentration. They cause drowsiness in some kids.

How’s a kid supposed to learn anything under those conditions? And how many of us parents are aware of those possible side effects?”

It doesn’t take a scientist to see how quickly your child’s grades could be impacted by this situation.

Is it really too much to ask for a solution that’s safe and healthy for our kids?

Natural remedies to fight your child’s seasonal allergies

By using these all-natural solutions to treat seasonal allergies and hay fever, we can help your child dry their nose, soothe their sore throat, and start smiling again!

The best part? These solutions contain only the purest ingredients and none of those harmful stimulants found in many over-the-counter solutions.

Drying up runny, inflamed sinusesLoad image into Gallery viewer, Children's Sinus Support™

If your little one’s nose won’t stop running, then it’s time to dry it up with Children’s Sinus Support™!

This all-natural formula helps your child:

  • DRY A RUNNY NOSE By addressing inflamed sinus passages, we help your child’s body stop producing too much mucus.
  • BREATHE EASY We help to clear your child’s respiratory passages by soothing the mucus membranes in the sinus and the lungs.
  • STAY HEALTHY By nourishing the stressed parts of your child’s body, we free their immune system to do what it does best… keep them safe.
  • KEEP THEIR TEETH HEALTHY This formula is sugar-free to support dental health but still sweet thanks to xylitol, an all-natural sweetener.

Save on tissues and support your child’s sinuses properly with Children’s Sinus Support™!

Soothe their sore throatLoad image into Gallery viewer, Throat & Bronchial Syrup™

It’s horrible seeing your little one so upset because it hurts to swallow or talk.

Cheer them up with the power of buckwheat honey and other healthy botanicals in our Throat & Bronchial Syrup™!

This all-natural formula:

  • SOOTHES AN IRRITATED THROAT Buckwheat honey and ivy leaf combine to provide the throat and bronchial passages with long-lasting comfort.
  • HELPS YOUR CHILD BREATHE FREELY AND EASILY Our medley of mullein and thyme promote normal respiratory function and support the mucus membranes in the respiratory tract.
  • CAN BE USED ANYTIME Neither sedative nor stimulating, this product can be used whenever your child’s throat is feeling sore.

Whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day, help soothe your child’s sore throat with our Throat & Bronchial Syrup™!

* Featured Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

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