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Immune Advanced for Long-Term Immune Support

When the body is out of balance, the immune system may need additional support to re-establish harmony and attain whole system wellness.

A combination of genetics, environmental triggers and chronic stress can place a heavy burden on the liver and the lymph and immune systems, and leave the body struggling to regain balance and health. The innate immune system, which responds to protect us from outside substances, can become hypersensitive from overexposure to irritants and can trigger excessive response in the adaptive immune system.

Although many products offer immune system support, to overcome issues that are deep and long-standing, it’s critically important to also support the liver and the lymph system and to promote a healthy stress response. Our new Immune Advanced™ formula delivers a blend of fermented mushrooms, detoxifying herbs and adaptogens that support all the upstream essential organs and systems involved in maintaining strong and healthy immune system function.

Fermented Mushroom Blend
Modern research is looking at the benefits of several varieties of mushrooms that have long histories of use in many cultural traditions. Three are included in the Immune Advanced formula to support healthy liver and immune system function: reishi, turkey tail and cordyceps

All of these mushrooms deliver beneficial polysaccharides. The fermentation process helps potentiate the polysaccharide content by breaking down the cell walls, to deliver the full immune-harmonizing potential of the mushrooms.

Reishi and Schisandra are adaptogens that help support balance and health in all body systems. They help modulate and balance the stress response and its associated hormones. Both are considered to be Qi tonics that help reduce fatigue and promote healthy energy levels. These adaptogens help protect neuro, liver and digestive functions, and they help normalize the effects of stress on the body.

Detoxifying Herbal Blend
A blend of detoxifying herbs included in the Immune Advanced formula help support healthy liver and lymphatic system function. Both dandelion root and herb are included; the leaves help support healthy appetite and digestive function, and the roots serve as a prebiotic to help support a healthy gut microbiome. Digestive health is directly related to healthy and effective immune system function.

Cleavers and burdock work together to support healthy function of the lymphatic system. They help move lymph through the body, which helps the body eliminate toxins. Burdock also helps support and protect the liver.

Supporting Whole System Wellness
The powerful blend of natural ingredients in our Immune Advanced formula is designed for long-term use. We recommend taking 2 to 4 capsules daily, starting with 2 twice a day.

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