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Intro to Andrographis - "The King of Bitters"

Known in the Chinese tradition as a cooling herb, Andrographis paniculata is native to Sri Lanka and India. Its use spread throughout southeast Asia into China, Thailand, India and Korea, where it is known by many names, then on to Europe and America.

Andrographis is known as “The King of Bitters” in the Ayurvedic tradition, acknowledging its strong reputation as a bitter tonic that helps expel toxins, promote healthy digestion and support immune function. Its benefits to human health inspired a current use in Thailand to promote livestock health.

A Broad Range of Benefits

The leaves and “underground stem” of this annual herbaceous plant have been the subject of a broad range of studies to assess the effects and benefits of its many phytochemicals. Its active constituents include flavonoids and several diterpenoid lactones that are collectively referred to as andrographoloids.

Some studies that focused on the effects of Andrographis on the overall function of the immune system have supported its reputation for stimulating and supporting the immune system. Other studies have focused on its ability to impact many body systems involved in maintaining health.

As the digestive system is now recognized as playing a vital role in the proper function of our immune system and the status of our overall health, greater attention is being paid to the benefits of Andrographis in maintaining regularity and a healthy appetite, and reducing digestive complaints. It also supports healthy liver and kidney function helping to keep the body in balance.

Also being examined are the benefits of Andrographis on the cardiovascular system, important for delivering nutrients to nurture healthy cells and removing unhealthy allergens, organisms and debris. This herb helps maintain healthy arteries, blood pressure and blood sugar.

The respiratory system is another area of interest, where Andrographis is being studied for its protective and preventative effects, and to determine its ability to reduce recovery time.

Andrographis In Redd Remedies

Redd Remedies has included Andrographis in Immune Bac Pro, based on its support for the immune system, as well as all related body systems. We also include it in our 120/80 formula, for its positive effects on the cardiovascular system.

Keep in Mind

As Andrographis can cause the immune system to be more active, people who have auto-immune disorders should consult a healthcare provider before taking the herb, as should pregnant or nursing women. Prolonged or heavy doses may cause side effects. Some products available for sale may contain types or levels of andrographoloids with uncertain effectiveness and safety.

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