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Keto Diet Support from Crave Stop™

Beginning the popular keto diet is a substantial and difficult change for many people. Crave Stop™ can help when you are transitioning into the diet and when you need a brief break from it.

Support in Transitioning to the Ketogenic Diet
When your body is used to a diet that is high in carbs and sugars, going straight into a full keto diet can be quite challenging. It requires your metabolism to be re-programmed, and it demands a high level of self-control. Both of these factors can make diving right into the keto diet stressful, physically and emotionally.

What if you could ease your way into it? What if you could help your body adjust to reduced carb and sugar intake by effectively blocking their digestion as you gradually shift into full keto mode?

Crave Stop provides the support you need for this transition. It helps you manage sugar cravings and interferes with the actions of two enzymes that break carbs and sugar down into glucose with InSea2®, a proprietary blend of natural polyphenols from two wildcrafted brown seaweeds. Sugars and starches that do not get broken down into glucose do not enter your bloodstream, they pass through your digestive system and are eliminated from your body without raising your blood glucose levels. This reduces the insulin peak and sugar crash that typically follows it (and triggers cravings), and decreases glycemic stress.

The positive effect of InSea2® on blood sugar levels has been proven in both short-term and long-term human studies. One study showed a 48% decrease in blood sugar response after a high carb or sugar meal. Another long-term study, that controlled diet and activity to normalize conditions between study groups, showed significant improvements after 3-month and 6-month intervals of using InSea2® and chromium (included in the Crave Stop formula).

Taking Crave Stop as you reduce your carb and sugar intake at a rate that is comfortable for you can help you transition to the keto diet in a manner that is less stressful, physically and emotionally. You may start with reducing your carb intake to 20% and gradually move to the target 5% level.

Herbal Support for Stress and Healthy Appetite
Crave Stop’s Healthy Appetite Proprietary Blend of herbs includes American Ginseng, which supports the body’s natural defenses against stress. As cravings for sugar and carbs are commonly triggered by stress, supporting a healthy stress response can help you in your efforts to develop healthy eating habits.

Gymnema sylvestre is also included in the Crave Stop formula. The Hindi name for this popular Ayurvedic herb literally means “sugar destroyer.” It is a potent appetite suppressor that helps reduce sugar absorption and supports insulin sensitivity.

Supporting You When You Need a Keto Break
If you are following the full keto diet but would like to cheat and enjoy bread, pizza, beer or another high carb or sugar indulgence, taking Crave Stop can reduce the glycemic load and help you get back into the diet and full ketosis mode quicker (and with less guilt feelings).
Crave Stop is easy to take, one or two capsules 20-30 minutes before a meal is ideal, but it can also be taken with a meal, or afterwards.

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