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Men’s Health and Comfortable Joints

Men looking for a quick fix to better health may consider strenuous exercise as the fastest path to improving their physical condition, but joint discomfort may interrupt their plans. Moderation is one key to avoiding discomfort, but other changes that can aggravate or decrease discomfort may not be as obvious. Changes like avoiding or reducing consumption of high fructose corn syrup and alcohol can lead to healthier joints. While a beer after a hard workout may seem refreshing, it does factor into the body’s uric acid levels and kidney health – which both play a role in joint health and comfort.

High uric acid levels develop when uric acid is overproduced and under-excreted. Uric acid is produced in our bodies naturally, but an overabundance of purines from our diet can result in our producing more uric acid than our bodies can effectively process. Diets that are high in seafood, meat, alcohol and high fructose corn syrup are likely to cause uric acid build-up, which happens when the kidneys are unable to keep up with the work of effectively eliminating it.

We need well-functioning kidneys and healthy blood flow to support healthy uric acid levels. People with high levels of uric acid often have other health problems that can contribute to it, including cardiovascular issues, impaired kidney function, diabetes and even high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels. And sometimes taking the pharmaceuticals prescribed to treat these conditions can compound the problem – drugs like beta blockers, diuretics and even aspirin.

Avoiding high fructose corn syrup requires a bit of detective work, as it is hidden in so many processed foods, but you can reduce consumption of it considerably if you pay attention to ingredient and nutrient labels. If you want to consume alcohol, keep in mind that beer is the most problematic in this regard, followed by distilled beverages and then wine.

Cherries and quercetin help uric acid levels stay in a healthy range by interfering in the final stages of enzyme activity that are involved in converting purine to uric acid, by blocking the enzyme xanthine oxidase. Quercetin also supports cardiovascular health.

Healthy kidneys process 200 quarts of blood a day and remove 2 quarts of waste. Healthy kidney function and robust circulation can keep this process working efficiently. But pushing the kidneys to do more by taking a diuretic to stimulate them can be counterproductive, if the kidneys are already overworked and stressed.

Doing things to nourish and support the kidneys and to promote healthy blood flow would be helpful. There are herbs that have been used since antiquity to help with both of these.

Couch Grass has been used since ancient Greece and Rome to promote healthy kidney function. Culpeper wrote about it in his 17th century book, “The Complete Herbal,” and it has been approved by the German Commission E Monographs for kidney support. Boerhavia diffusa, an Ayurvedic rasayana, has been used traditionally to support healthy kidney, liver and immune system function.

Ginger root helps promote healthy blood flow, to enhance the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste.

Redd Remedies includes all of these ingredients in a product we call Gouch!, which is available in capsules or liquid. The cherry extract in each serving is equivalent to eating a pound of cherries!

If you want to drink something good after a great workout, try 4 teaspoons of Gouch! Liquid.

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