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This Undersea Life Form Could Hold the Key to Killing Sugar Cravings!

The results of clinical blood sugar trials on this innocuous and amazing ocean organism are staggering!

This blog reveals:

  • The key ingredient to fighting sugar cravings found under the sea.
    • How it works to protect your body from sugars and starches.
    • How it affects your body’s relationship to insulin.
    • The staggering results from clinical trials that monitored blood sugar levels!

Our Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, formulated our award-winning Crave Stop™ with two objectives in mind.

  1. Control Sugar Cravings
  2. Stop the Negative Effects of Stress Contributing to Blood Sugar Swings

She handily accomplished this, creating a rich formula of potent herbs and minerals to manage your sugar cravings and support a healthy appetite!

But of course, you’ve heard all of this before when it comes to supplements. What makes Crave Stop™ any different?

Well to start, the key ingredient of Crave Stop™ that manages your sugar cravings actually comes from under the sea!

But before we reveal our key ingredient, you need to understand the cycle of sugar crashes and cravings...

Explaining your sugar crashes and sugar cravings.

In the ideal world of the AHA, on a low-glycemic diet, our body’s reaction to sugar would be very different.

When we consume sugar, our blood sugar rises. In order to counteract this, our body produces insulin - the hormone that lowers blood sugar.

If we are consuming the reasonable amount of sugar discussed above, the insulin created is slowly released over time - leading to a steady decline of blood sugar until we are resting once again at a healthy, balanced level known as our fasting glucose level.

But as we know, we’re not consuming a healthy amount - we’re consuming an incredibly dangerous amount.

In consuming the excessive amount of sugar that we do - our blood sugar doesn’t just rise - it violently spikes.

But still, shouldn’t our body create insulin to null the effects?

It does. The problem is that with such a quick influx of sugar, the body panics and starts creating an absurd amount of insulin.

Once this happens, our blood sugar drops to the fasting glucose level very quickly… but then keeps dropping, until we are well below our ideal state.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a “sugar-crash.” That’s what this refers to. All of a sudden, our body needs sugar again. We must restore our blood sugar - even though we consumed quite a bit of sugar just awhile ago!

This is what happens when you experience a“sugar craving.” It’s not a “sweet tooth.” It’s your body in survival mode! Because the body now feels that it’s under threat, it nulls the brain’s prefrontal cortex. This is the part of our brain that we associate with inhibitions and judgments - the same part that is dulled by alcohol. So, we just start eating to restore those levels - and we don’t even care! We’ll gorge on whatever sugary products are nearby.

As the blood sugar rises again, the prefrontal cortex kicks back in, along with that self-judgment - and we start to feel miserable because we know we’ve eaten a load of food we shouldn’t have.

And while that is happening, the blood sugar still rockets up… until the insulin kicks in again… drops us far too low… and the cycle continues.

The key ingredient from under the sea…

If we asked you to think of sea life, you might think of brightly colored fish or coral.

While this organism shares a home with both of them, it’s perhaps not quite as exotic.

The key to our formula… is seaweed.

Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

That’s right! The slimy plant that stretches up from the ocean floor, reaching out to stroke unsuspecting swimmers is actually incredibly nutritious!

Starting with two wild-crafted brown seaweeds, InSea2® is a powerful, natural blend of polyphenols that support healthy blood sugar levels after meals..

This non-GMO ingredient works in the gut on 2 pathways before sugars and starches can reach the bloodstream.

By focusing on the “In-Phase”, InSea2® can interrupt the sugar and starch pathway in the digestive tract before they even have a chance to affect the brain and body.

In simple terms, InSea2® closes the door on sugar and starches!

When our blood sugar levels return to a healthy level, we don’t experience a sugar crash.

No crash?

No crave.

It sounds simple. Can it actually work?

The amazing results of InSea2®!

InSea2® is the star of our show, so it needs to live up to its billing.

During a clinical trial, researchers monitored the blood sugar levels of two groups that had just eaten white bread - an everyday item notorious for its levels of sugar and carbs.

One group was given a placebo, the other experienced the effects of InSea2®.

The results were incredible.

InSea2® subjects saw a 48% reduction in blood sugar levels.

Not only that, but they also experienced a far-less significant acceleration in their drop-off, slowly returning to their fasting glucose level, leaving them far less susceptible to a sugar crash.

We have not seen another natural product on the market achieve results even close to this.

When the researchers studied the effects of InSea2® in sugar absorption and assimilation into cells, we were also delighted with the results.

The study showed a 39% drop in overall blood glucose levels - a staggering result.

But the good news doesn’t stop there.

How does InSea2® affect our insulin production?

Tests showed that those taking InSea2 experienced a 7% decrease in insulin release.

With the radical amounts of insulin that our bodies have to produce to attempt to control our glucose level, it shouldn’t be surprising that slowly our body develops a higher tolerance threshold for insulin.

This means that even when our body is producing high levels of insulin, our body doesn’t welcome it the way that it needs to.

Lo and behold, the results also showed subjects experience a 5% increase in insulin utilization- meaning their cells will pay far more attention to the insulin their body is producing - thus, the body will not need to produce so much of it.

Studies show InSea2® to be 5 times more effective than your body alone at blocking sugars, and 12 times more effective than your body alone at blocking carbohydrates.

What makes InSea2® so much more than a “carb blocker?”

Calling Crave Stop a “carb blocker” feels a bit like calling the Mona Lisa “a painting.” You wouldn’t be wrong… but it is so much more than that.

The term “carb blocker” just feels like such an understatement.

For example - how many other carb blockers take the time to measure the cognitive benefits of their product?

Why measure the cognitive effects of a product like this?

Image by VSRao from Pixabay

When you enter the state of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) you enter survival mode. Your prefrontal cortex nulls and you stop thinking straight. Our relationship with sugar has everything to do with our cognitive state.

So, a study was performed where individuals were fed a high-glycemic breakfast of waffles and maple syrup.

Researchers found that the cognitive accuracy of those who took InSea2® 30 minutes before their meal showed improved cognitive accuracy by 4%.

Even more impressively, researchers also saw reduced error rates in that same group by a whopping 15%!

Don’t get caught in the sugar craving cycle!

Now that you understand the effectiveness of InSea2®, we’re sure you’ll want to experience the benefits for yourself. Crave Stop

You can harness the powers of InSea2® by trying our award-winning Crave Stop™! It supports your brain and body’s fight against the negative impact of sugars in food by:

  • Supporting your overall health.
  • Supporting the body’s natural resistance to stress.
  • Supporting healthy adrenal function.
  • Supporting a healthy appetite.

Let’s use this potent blend of herbs and minerals to close the door on sugar and starches for good!

*Featured Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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