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Playing Isn’t Just for Kids

Movement is good for your health, and when movement involves play – well, all the better!

“Get out and play in May” is a tag line for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and it is a good inspiration to keep in mind.

Whether you like to challenge yourself in individual sports or get together with others for a team sport, the exercise and enjoyment the activity brings is good for your emotional as well as your physical health.

From youngsters running around a playground to millennials in a yoga class or elders dancing at a friendship center, movement strengthens muscles, bones and joints, and it improves the workings of internal organs. It helps get the blood flowing, which delivers a vital supply of oxygen to all parts of your body, particularly helpful to the brain.

Sports and play introduce an element of fun to physical activity. Exercise alone delivers plenty of benefits, but it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated to keep up an exercise regime. Add fun to the mix, and it’s easier to stay engaged. Add teammates cheering or egging you on, and the stakes and rewards for whole-hearted participation and pushing yourself to improve grow even greater.

Consulting your doctor before you begin any vigorous activity is sound advice, particularly if you have had physical injuries or issues, or if you are older or have been leading a rather sedentary life.

If stress or sadness have diminished your motivation and energy, movement can be the key to moving beyond debilitating emotions. Having trouble sleeping? Exercise can help. Need to lose weight? Challenge yourself to move more every day and look for opportunities to engage in fun activities. As your body needs and uses more energy, it will burn fat cells and give you a leaner muscle mass – which will improve your attitude as well as your looks!

Sports aren’t for everyone, but most of us can walk in the woods, on the beach, around the block or down the street. A sedentary lifestyle leaves you more at risk for chronic diseases and early death, so make a commitment to stand, walk, bend and stretch often. Gentle movement can improve your appetite for more vigorous activity.

Pay close attention to your body when you increase your activity level. Remember to warm up, rest when you feel the need, and drink plenty of hydrating fluids. Taking a good supplement to strengthen your joints is probably a good idea, especially if you work them hard – or want to intensify your exercise program. Our Joint Health products include Natural Eggshell Membrane to support healthy joint structure and flexibility. If you’ve pushed your muscles too hard, a natural supplement such as our Muscle Ease™ will deliver the nutrients you need to help your muscles fully relax.

So, play in May – and all year long. You’ll not only increase your pleasure, you’ll also improve your health. It’s the best prescription for living a happier and healthier life.

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