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Redd Remedies

Redd Remedies Supports Autism Organization and Caregivers

Living with a child or adult on the autism spectrum can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. Addressing behaviors, finding and making arrangements for the best treatment available, and trying to help everyone in the family grow and succeed to the best of their abilities may leave caregivers with little time or energy for self-care – which is critical for maintaining their own strength and health.

Redd Remedies partners with Autism Hope Alliance, a nonprofit foundation that provides resources and education to families facing the diagnosis of autism. We regularly, contribute to the foundation and frequently supply products they can include in their Social Media Autism Pantry Giveaway program.
Beyond the support and contributions we share with AHA, we have kept families facing challenges like autism in mind as we have developed our targeted natural supplements. All of our products are gluten-free and deliver nutritional support through vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs that provide short-term solutions and long-term support for overall balance and well-being.

Nurturing Strength and Hope
The challenges faced by parents in families that have a member on the spectrum lead to an increased work load, stress and exhaustion. Those conditions, in turn, can take a toll on mental and emotional health. The products in our Hope & Possibility category were formulated to deliver the kind of nourishing support needed by people who are facing such challenges.

Relaxation and Restful Sleep
Dealing with a difficult situation can cascade into seemingly insurmountable depths of hopelessness when the stress is prolonged and unrelieved. But the need to stay alert, engaged and responsible can make taking pharmaceutical medications for stress a poor choice. At Ease™ is a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs formulated to balance neurotransmitters; it helps to both calm and relax and improve focus and concentration – which can help improve patience and decision-making.* Magnesium, B vitamins and select herbs work together to promote relaxation and support resistance to the damaging effects of stress.*

The restorative nature of a good, sound sleep is remarkable, but sleep is often elusive or disturbed when someone is worrying about a loved one and feeling overwhelmed with responsibility. Sleep aids that leave you drowsy and impede full functioning in the morning are not helping you to take good care of those you love. At Ease PM™ is a gentle calming and relaxing formula that promotes restful sleep for occasional sleeplessness, and it will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.*

Emotional Strength and Positive Mood
Helping the brain and body cope with stress is a good foundation for emotional strength. We developed In-Joy™ to provide such support. This blend of neurotransmitter nutrients, amino acids and Vitamin D includes Holy Basil and Schisandra, adaptogenic herbs that have long histories of traditional use for supporting healthy mood regulation and elevating the spirit.*

Support for Healthy Cognitive Function
When the body is stressed and tired, and the emotions are drained, it’s almost impossible to think clearly, focus effectively and remember all the many details involved in fulfilling daily life responsibilities. Problem solving, decision making, learning and concentrating are all adversely effected by exhaustion, worry and stress. Prolonged stress can change the structure of the brain, and it interferes with proper neurotransmitter functioning, making it even more difficult to maintain positive mood and efficiency. Brain Awakening™ delivers three powerful ingredients to help support cognitive function: Amla, Lion’s Mane and Magtein™, a patented magnesium compound that effectively raises the brain’s magnesium levels.* It supports problem-solving, decision making, memory and learning – all the functions you need to effectively manage your responsibilities.*

Healthy Appetite
It’s hard enough to eat well and manage cravings when things are going along smoothly, and it’s seemingly impossible to do so in times of stress. Reaching out for sweet treats seems a reasonable reward when you’re struggling with a complicated life, or it may be seen as a way to boost energy, if only briefly.

Sometimes an occasional reward turns into a habit that can develop into cravings, as the blood sugar spikes and crashes leave your body and mind reeling. You may mentally know you have to eat well to stay strong, but the “feel-good” brain signals from indulging in sweets can be hard to resist. Your diet and stamina may suffer, along with your self-esteem.
American ginseng, included in our Crave Stop™ formula, supports the body’s natural defenses against stress, helping to balance and support the stress response and providing a great foundation for avoiding sugar cravings.* The Ayurvedic herb Gymnema sylvestre, also included in the formula, has a long history in the Hindi tradition as a “sugar destroyer.” Chromium, in a complex with Ayurvedic adaptogens amla berry and Himalayan Shilajit called Chrominex®3, helps support healthy blood sugar levels.*

The key ingredient, InSea2®, is a concentrated blend of extracts from brown seaweeds. This amazing ingredient inhibits the uptake of sugar into the blood stream, which diminishes the “sugar high” spike in blood sugar; this results in reducing the blood sugar crash produced by an overabundance of insulin, thereby reducing sugar cravings.*

Healthy Energy Support
One thing caregivers need plenty of is energy – and that can be hard to come by, when responsibilities and workloads are heavy. The last think you need is to go through the roller coaster ups-and-downs of taking a stimulant, only to have your energy sag afterwards.

The first product we developed, trueENERGY™, was developed to provide support for physical and mental energy without artificial stimulation. It helps strengthen your body, so it can produce healthy, sustainable energy. This gluten-free natural supplement delivers vitamin B-6, along with Atlantic kelp, royal jelly, licorice root, and herbs to support adrenal, thyroid and liver function. It includes Cordyceps, White Panax Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea, all revered and used for millenia in global healing traditions to increase strength and stamina and fight fatigue.

Taking Care of the Caregiver
You need to do all the things that will keep you happy and healthy when you are so needed by those you love, but it often seems impossible to carve out time to do so. When your responsibilities seem overwhelming and it seems there’s never enough time to focus on your own health, reach out for some nutritional support for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Not only will you feel better, but those you love will appreciate your increased stamina and improved attitude.
Caregivers need to take good care of themselves. We’d like to help you create and maintain the strength, stability and stamina you need to do the hard work that you face every day.

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