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Should I Just Expect My Joints to Hurt?

No! And you don’t have to live with that anymore

When your joints feel stiff and sore throughout the day, it can be harder to get things done. Your fingers struggle to button up your shirt. You wince as you make your way down the stairs. Getting in and out of the car jangles your joints and makes you wish you didn’t have to go anywhere.

So you grin and bear it because it’s just part of life… just a natural part of aging.

But it’s not.

Joint pain is not standard as you get older, even though around 27 million Americans live with arthritis.

If you’re living with tender, tight, tense joints, you can rewrite that story. You can transform stiff aching hips, knees, and knuckles into healthy, comfortable joints.

All that takes is a unique collection of joint-friendly nutrients. And you can get them all from a single surprising source.

What Causes Joint Pain?

Your joints provide flexible connections between bones to allow movement and keep the bones from rubbing together. They’re made up of bone, muscle, ligaments, and cartilage – mainly cartilage.

Cartilage cushions your joints to help them absorb shock when you move. It also lubricates your joints so they can move smoothly instead of grinding against each other.

Your body also produces enzymes called matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) that break down cartilage. Some are necessary to help your body get rid of old cartilage tissue to make way for fresh new tissue. But sometimes, MMPs go into overdrive, breaking down too much joint tissue and causing joints to deteriorate.

When that happens, joints begin to lose their cushioning and lubrication – everything that keeps them comfortable – leading to inflamed joint tissue.

And while this “wear and tear” may seem inevitable, it isn’t. Your body just needs some help to keep your joints in youthful condition.

Changing the Narrative on Joint Health

You don’t have to imagine what it would feel like to live without joint pain. One simple natural substance delivers a trio of benefits that turn down the volume for stiff, screaming joints and gives your body the support it needs to rebuild.

First, it helps you move comfortably and easily whether you’re doing household chores or running up the stairs.

Second, it addresses post-activity issues by inhibiting the cartilage-bashing enzymes your body produces while you’re on the move.

Third, it helps rejuvenate joint tissue by delivering the compounds your body needs to rebuild and refresh.

All of this joint-revitalizing power comes from a single natural substance. It contains just what your body needs to build and support cartilage. And on a regular day, you probably toss it in the trash.

The Surprising Source of Constantly Comfortable Joints

Nature provides solutions for everything we could need…but you have to know where to look. And the natural solution for joint comfort usually gets treated like garbage.

If you’ve ever peeled a hardboiled egg, you’ve probably tossed that thin film that lines the shell. But that’s exactly where nature stashed the secret to healthy joints – in the eggshell membrane.

Eggshell membrane contains plentiful collagen, the main structural protein your body needs. When your body gets enough of the right kind of collagen, it can create the strong, elastic connective tissues that keep your joints in place while allowing them free and easy movement.

Along with three crucial forms of collagen – Types I, IV, and X – eggshell membrane contains more than more than a dozen amino acids, healing proteins, and essential minerals including:

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Calcium

That’s the full range building blocks your body needs to create healthy cartilage and connective tissue, the key ingredients for comfortable joints. And eggshell membrane delivers these nutrients in perfect balance so they can work together, just like nature intended.

The Right Eggshell Membrane Supplement Matters

Eggshell membrane is common. But effective eggshell membrane supplements are not. In fact, only the original patented NEM® eggshell membrane uses special nutrient-maximizing technology. NEM® is created from a proprietary steam-based method that preserves all of the supportive compounds.

It’s backed by decades of research, including several human clinical trials. And just 500 mg of NEM® daily brought a new lease on life to people who’d previously believed the old “wear and tear,” normal part of aging idea.

NEM® has been shown to transform joint health in just 7 to 10 days. Increased flexibility…greater joint comfort…rejuvenated movement.

One clinical study found that all of the subjects – everyone – who tried NEM® noticed positive change within the first 7 days. And it just kept getting better. By the end of the trial, subjects reported (on average) a 43.7% increase in flexibility and 75.9% reduction in range-of-motion discomfort.

Another study discovered how taking NEM® for 60 days transformed everyday life for the participants. Some of the most profound improvements showed up while doing common activities like:

  • Sitting in a car for a long time
  • Bending and kneeling
  • Doing household chores – even vacuuming
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Taking longer walks
  • Getting out of bed in the morning

A third study involved having older adults try a difficult stair-climbing exercise routine while taking 500 mg of NEM® a day. The daily routine was expected to make them feel stiff and achy. But after 4 days, the participants reported feeling less stiff and more comfortable… both during and after the stair-climbing routine. Plus, the researchers found that NEM® helped preserve and protect cartilage even during intense exercise.

The results were so positive in a 2019 clinical trial that 78.6 of the doctors rated NEM®’s effectiveness as good or excellent. And another trial found that even participants who’d faced joint struggles for up to five years felt a difference with 500 mg of NEM®.

Boost Your Comfort with Joint Health

Imagine the difference it could make to your quality of life to do your favorite activities without worrying about your joints. You can make that comfort a reality with Joint Health, powered by NEM® eggshell membrane.

Joint Health harnesses the nourishing abilities of NEM® eggshell membrane to:

  • Regain youthful movement in just 7 to 10 days
  • Rejuvenate and refresh tired joints
  • Restore joint health

Enjoy the comfortable active life you want with Redd Remedies’ Joint Health products.


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