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The 955 Difference - Testing to Deliver Pure Products

An important part of fulfilling our commitment to help you nourish and support your body with our targeted natural supplements is the extensive testing we do to ensure that our products do not contain harmful contaminants.

The Problem

Millions of tons of pollutants are dispersed into the environment each year by modern industrial and agricultural practices. They invade our air, water and soil, and many work their way into the plants and animals we eat. The damage they do to our environment and health is not yet fully understood, but avoiding these contaminants is extremely important to our mission of supporting your efforts to achieve balance and health.

Our Solution

We develop direct relationships with our suppliers to obtain clean, natural ingredients for creating our unique formulas. These relationships are an important foundation for our products, but we cannot stop there. Contamination is hard to identify, and it can happen not just in the fields and farmlands, but also in packaging and shipping the ingredients to our manufacturing facilities. We must verify and hold our suppliers accountable.

Part of the way we accomplish this is by testing our ingredients and products for 955 different toxins and contaminants, and adhering to a testing protocol that far exceeds FDA and stricter European standards.

Contaminant Testing Comparison

We diligently work to verify the purity of every ingredient included in our natural supplements. We test each ingredient before it is processed, and we further test our final products – to assure that we are delivering clean, quality supplements to help you achieve your health goals.

The FDA requires that supplements be safe, but it does not provide specific standards for finished dietary supplements. The standard most commonly used in the United States was developed by the USP and only provides standards for approximately 70 pesticide residues. Although testing for pesticides is not required, most American manufacturers will test for these and for some heavy metals, bacteria, mold and yeast.

European standards regulate supplements as food, and they require testing for 520 contaminants, including pesticides and industrial pollutants. They also identify substances that are potentially harmful, requiring that their use be controlled.

*** Redd Remedies tests for a minimum of 955 toxins and contaminants.

Overview of Tested Contaminants

We test for 24 elemental contaminants to assure the purity and safety of our products. These include toxic heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, mercury and beryllium. We also test for molybdenum, nickel, cobalt and tin, as well as uranium and a variety of industrial elements, including aluminum, tungsten, barium and selenium.

We also test for 779 pesticide compounds, including glyphosate, neonicotinoids, organophosphates and organochlorines, as well as synthetic pyrethroids and many other pesticide residues.

Additionally, we test for 152 environmental contaminants. These substances include PCBs, flame retardants, synthetic dyes and fragrances, solvents, rocket and jet fuel, synthetic estrogen, preservatives and endocrine disruptors.

More Information

You can find more information about our extensive testing procedures elsewhere on this website (, and we will be providing more details in future blogs.

Redd Remedies is committed to the 955 Difference – to provide you with pure, clean and effective targeted natural supplements.

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