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The All-Natural Immune Support This Teacher Calls “A Life-Saver.”

Working with kids, they need to stay healthy. That’s where our immune support comes in…

This article reveals:

  • The story of a teacher with a compromised immune system.
  • The all-natural immune support they’re calling “a lifesaver.”
  • The easy way you can find the right all-natural support for your immune system!

The story of a teacher with a compromised immune system.

In these strange and unprecedented times, there are lots of people who are doing difficult jobs under very difficult circumstances.

One of these jobs is teaching, and that’s exactly the job Amazon user “Pawsome” does on a daily basis.

What’s even more amazing is that “Pawsome” is doing this job with a compromised immune system, despite the inherent risks present in a working environment with so many people from different households.

We cannot begin to express how humbled and joyful we feel in knowing that our all-natural immune support is what helps “Pawsome” make such a positive impact on the world.

Here is Pawsome’s story of using the all-natural Immune Vrl Pro:

So which of our all-natural immune support products is Pawsome using?

Immune Vrl Pro is what is helping to keep Pawsome’s immune system healthy… but how?

  • Immune Vrl Pro supports respiratory function with ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine; Chinese licorice and ginger root. So many of the nutrients our body needs are taken in from the air around us, so keeping our respiratory pathways clear and free is a tremendous help!

  • These two herbs are also responsible for reinvigorating our defensive qi. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi (pronounced “chi”) is described as our “life force” or “vital energy.” “Wei qi” is our “defensive qi.” It nourishes the body, regulates our body temperature and helps prevent the invasion of threatening pathogens.

  • Our formula also includes two incredible adaptogenic herbs, astragalus and eleuthero, to help with the negative effects of stress. Why? Because cultivating a healthy stress response is key to a well functioning immune system. Chronic stress doesn’t just weigh on your mind, it also wears down your immune response and makes you more susceptible to illness.

  • We then provide immune system support with European elderberry. This is a great general health tonic due to its antioxidant properties! Cultivating an optimal antioxidant status is going to help keep your immune system safe from foreign threats and free radicals.

Check the availability of Immune Vrl Pro™!

Pawsome is supplementing Immune Vrl Pro with our all-natural SinuZyme™. Here’s how it provides quick, powerful sinus support:

  • Thick mucus build-up keeps unwanted waste that stresses the immune system in the body, so we need to make sure we thin it out and release it. We harness the powerful pineapple plant enzyme, bromelain, to promote healthy sinus function and drainage, while elder flower supports normal sinus secretion.

    SinuZyme™ 40 capsules by Redd Remedies® - a gluten free, vegetarian, natural supplement.
  • The potent herb red root is going to assist your lymph system. This is your body’s collection of detoxification pathways. You need to keep these clear so your body can easily rid itself of immune system stressors such as toxins, waste, and other unwanted material.

  • Protease provides excellent support to your inflammatory pathways, while the reishi mushroom supports healthy immune function by helping your white blood cell count!

Check the availability of SinuZyme™!

The simple and quick way to find the right immune support for you.

We’re absolutely thrilled that Pawsome has found the support that is right for them. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the right support for you.

Everyone’s body is different, and every immune system has different needs.

In order to find the right support for you, we recommend taking this simple and quick immune quiz that will help you identify the all-natural products that will support your immune system.

Answering this incredibly brief Immune system assessment could be the key to living a better life and experiencing the same life-changing results Pawsome and so many others have had!

* Featured Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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