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The 5 Disguises of Stress

In this video Redd Remedies Founder and CEO, Dan Chapman, teaches us how to correctly identify when stress is at the root of our emotional health challenges, and how we can cope with it healthily!

This video reveals:

  • The many negative physical effects of stress
  • The 5 different disguises of chronic stress
  • The small class of elite herbs that can protect us from stress
  • The perfect stress-fighting formula for your body

When we think about stress, we most often associate it with a feeling of being slightly overwhelmed and irritated.

But here’s the thing: stress actually has many different disguises, including insomnia and overeating.

Because it has such a variety of different ways of expressing itself, some of us can be stressed and not even realize it.

In this video, Dan Chapman reveals the many different forms that stress can take in our emotional health, and the perfect stress-fighting formula for each one.

Find your perfect stress-fighting formula

When we start experiencing a physical ache or pain, most of us will take some action to remedy it.

You do these things because you understand how important your physical health is to living your best life.

But, when your mind starts worrying about deadlines, you just “man up.”

When you start feeling sad for no apparent reason, you just “get over it.”

And, when your sugar cravings kick in, you try to just “ignore it.”

Why not treat your mental and emotional health with the same care and respect as you treat your physical health?

Browse all of our Stress, Energy & Emotional Health formulas here, and take the first step toward living a better life!

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