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The Incredible Health Benefits of Being in LOVE

With a big impact on mental health and positive benefits for our physical well being, we just can’t resist LOVE

This blog reveals

  • The impact love has on our emotional wellbeing
  • The physical health benefits of love
  • The 20% discount on an all-natural formula that keeps hearts strong

It’s February! Which means we are in the season… of LOVE!

If we asked you to describe what we think of when we say the word “love”, we’d get some pretty varied answers.

Chocolates, flowers, public declarations of affection…

But “love” means something quite different to us:


That’s right! For a moment, forget the tasteless chalky candy, the mass-printed greeting cards, and games of “He loves me (not)”.

Let’s focus on how love… is good for you!

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Oh, the things love can do…

It’s simply undeniable that love has a stirring effect on all of us!

Physical changes abound; sweaty palms, dilated pupils, an incredibly rapid heart rate… and this isn’t just romantic love, either.

Plenty of us have love for family members, pets, and even good friends! Doesn’t seeing an old pal strolling toward you just stick a huge grin on your face?

These physical changes are driven by the emotional and chemical reactions inside our body.

Love and your mental health

Plenty of studies have long linked love to incredibly positive mental health benefits, such as:

  • Increased levels of self-esteem
  • Reduced levels of anxiety
  • Better decision-making regarding our safety

What’s not to like?

These benefits are primarily due to the release of two different chemicals in the brain: dopamine and oxytocin.


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

This is one we all love… the chemical of pleasure!

This chemical is released when we stimulate the ‘reward center’ in our brain… Simply put, when we engage with something we like, we then want more of it!

Pleasure… Motivation… Satisfaction!

However, this chemical can also be what leads people to addiction. After all, who wouldn’t want more of what makes us feel good?


This hormone is primarily associated with times of child-birth and breast-feeding… but it appears more frequently than that.

This is a very relaxing hormone that is seen to help couples bond with one another.

Released when couples cuddle… and, erm… get even closer… It is linked to increased feelings of empathy and trust.

No wonder it’s speculated to be beneficial to those suffering from depression and anxiety!

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Love and your physical health

It probably comes as no surprise that feelings of love can be of service to our mental health…

… But it has incredible benefits for our physical wellbeing as well!


It seems cheesy to say that love can have a positive effect on the heart… but it really can!

We’ve already discussed love as it relates to “feeling good”. Well, part of “feeling good” results in a reduction of our stress levels, which in turn takes strain off of our cardiovascular system.

This means that those experiencing love can experience healthier blood pressure levels, which in turn can have a positive impact on our chances of experiencing heart disease.


We don’t know about you, but when we’re around those we love… the laughter just flows. We simply can’t separate love and laughter.

This is good news for our lungs, because the act of laughing has a wonderful impact on their wellbeing.

According to the Canadian Lung Association, laughing clears our lungs of stale oxygen, and also brings in more of the clean stuff!

On top of this, it also increases the distribution of oxygen throughout our bodies.

Bonus physical benefits

It doesn’t end there!

Love has also been speculated to improve our quality of sleep, boost our immune systems, and also increase bladder control in females!

Okay, that last one is a bit different… but we’ll take it!

Show your heart some LOVE for LESS

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Healthy living starts with a healthy heart.

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* Featured Photo Courtesy of iStock

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