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The Pain of Excess Uric Acid, and How to Fight it!

It’s a pain so severe that you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. But why does it occur? And more importantly… What can you do about it?

This blog reveals:

If you’ve experienced this pain, you’ll know there’s nothing like it.

It all happens so suddenly. You get ready for bed the same way you always do, and drift off to sleep.

Yet when you wake up, everything is different.

Acute pain. Swelling. Redness. All stemming from your big toe. The sensation is so dreadful you can hardly pull your duvet over your feet.

You didn’t have any prior injury… what on earth could have happened?

This is the world that those suffering from uric acid build-up have to live in.

A natural body process spins out of control

Uric acid doesn’t sound friendly, but it is naturally produced by the human body.

It’s a heterocyclic compound made of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen - a product of our body’s metabolic response to breaking down purines.

According to Arthritis Health, there are two types of purines. The first are endogenous purines, and are found in the nucleus of any animal or human cell, and are naturally formed by the body.

The second type of purines are exogenous purines. They’re a chemical compound found in food and drinks many of which are part of a balanced diet.

Should we avoid exogenous purines?

Photo by Michelle Tsang on Unsplash

That’s not feasible, or recommended. They appear in far too many foods. However, there are certain foods that contain concentrated levels of purines, such as seafood and organ meats. They are also found in beer.

We should be mindful of these purine-rich foods that we eat, but again, that’s not the whole solution to a build-up of uric acid.

This is incredibly important to understand:

A uric-acid build-up is NOT the problem. It’s a symptom of a problem…

Your body takes responsibility for removing uric acid.

Photo by Twitter: @jankolario on Unsplash

The presence of uric acid in the body is natural. The problems occur when the body doesn’t clean itself of uric acid.

The body removes most uric acid through urination. Urine is the waste collected from the bloodstream via the kidneys.

Your blood passes through your kidneys several times a day. The blood is filtered, waste is eliminated, and clean blood goes back through your body.

Uric acid is part of the waste that gets removed. Or at least, it should be…

Your problem doesn’t start with uric acid. Your problem likely starts with your kidneys.

Uric acid build-up occurs when the kidneys are not functioning to the extent that they should be. The blood has not been filtered properly, uric acid stays in the body, and builds up forming crystals around joints like the big toe.

If the kidneys are not maximizing their potential, uric acid can build up very quickly. Even if someone’s bodily systems are firing at 100%, you would only see about 10% of all uric acid being removed a day.

Remember, that uric acid includes not just the deposits from consumed purines, but also the purines your body will be producing naturally.

Don’t take diuretics!

Image by Craig Melville from Pixabay

Those suffering from uric acid build-up often make this mistake.

There is an assumption that if their kidneys are not able to clean their blood thoroughly that stimulating them to cause more frequent urination will help remedy the problem. As a result, they start taking diuretics to stimulate their bladder activity.

This is not how you should treat your body. When you are tired or in this case when one of your organs is “tired”, the last thing you should do is stimulate or push it into action. Most likely, it will only make things worse as taking diuretics actually increases the amount of uric acid in the bloodstream.

Short cuts like these will only make the excruciating pain worse in the long run.

The one thing you must do to fight excess uric acid

We DON’T want diuretics that stress and stimulate our kidneys; we want natural ingredients that nourish and support our kidneys.

Simply put, the one thing you need to do is maximize your kidney function.

When your kidneys are properly supported (as opposed to over-stimulated) they have a far greater chance of getting rid of the excess uric acid that’s bringing you such pain.

Formulating a solution that contains ingredients to do just this has been key to the success of Gouch!™

This award-winning blend only uses pure 3rd-party-tested ingredients to clear painful excess uric acid, maximize your kidney function, and support your immune system.

Ingredients to maximize kidney function

Boerhavia Root

Boerhavia is a Rasayana, a classification of herbs that are used to rejuvenate and renew certain body systems. In this case the kidneys. In a body that has been overloaded with uric acid, the kidneys will likely be overexerted and underperforming. Boerhavia delivers the nourishment they need to start performing optimally!

Couch Grass

This effective herb has been used as a kidney tonic since Ancient Rome! Often prescribed for fighting kidney stones, it has also been approved by the German Commission E Monographs for kidney gravel.

Why tart cherry can’t restrict uric acid on its own.

Tart Cherry

Photo by Abigail Miller on Unsplash

Ah, cherries! A staple of fighting excess uric acid. They’re one of the most popular DIY solutions for restricting uric acid. But, they can’t do it alone.

These helpful little fruits are packed with bioflavonoids that have the power to inhibit an enzyme called xanthine oxidase… the enzyme responsible for converting purines to uric acid!

Plus, our extraction process removes the significant amount of sugar found in cherries while keeping all the nutritional benefits.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, in order to get the necessary benefits from tart cherry, you’d have to eat around a pound of cherries every single day!

That’s not a practical or cost-effective solution. Which is why we combine our tart cherry with quercetin.


Quercetin is one of the many helpful bioflavonoids that cherries are jam-packed with! So, why add more when our formula already includes tart cherry?

Because we’ve found that by combining additional quercetin with our tart cherry extract, both of these ingredients become significantly more effective!

How to rejuvenate your stagnated circulation

Ginger root

Image by gate74 from Pixabay

If your kidneys are malnourished and underperforming, then we can assume that your circulation is really suffering.

This is a problem because now you don’t have an effective means of transporting helpful nutrients to the places you most need them!

That’s why we’re using ginger root!

This has long been used in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For starters, it’s an anti-inflammatory… perfect for fighting those “flare-ups!

But, more importantly, can help spark stagnated circulation which will help rid the body of excess uric acid as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Efficient blood flow leads to efficient nutrient delivery and waste removal!

Fight the agony of uric acid by rejuvenating your kidneys with Gouch!™

We formulated Gouch!™ to fight the excruciating pain of excess uric acid without the danger of diuretics!

REDUCE REDNESS AND SWELLING The anti-inflammatory properties of our powerful ginger root extract help fight the physical pain that excess uric acid causes.

INCREDIBLY FAST AND EFFECTIVE Uric acid flare-ups can happen at any time, and need attention, quickly. Gouch!™ users have experienced significant relief within 24-48 hours!

THE POWER OF A POUND OF CHERRIES Chowing down on a bag of cherries gets old, fast. Plus, did you know that a pound of cherries contains the same amount of sugar as a can of soda?! Thanks to our tart cherry extract and quercetin combo, we bring you the benefits of eating an entire pound of cherries in just a single dose...and without the sugar!

NO UNNECESSARY AND DANGEROUS DIURETICS Uric acid builds up when our kidneys are overburdened and undernourished. Why place greater demand on them with a diuretic? Instead we nourish your kidneys with boerhavia root extract and couch grass extract.This allows your kidneys to regulate healthy uric acid levels like they were designed to do!

KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG The stress of excess uric acid places a burden on our immune system. We give it the protection it deserves with antioxidants from our tart cherry extract. Our ginger root extract also helps to rejuvenate stagnated blood flow, encouraging your body to deliver the right nutrients to the right places!

Excess uric acid doesn’t just affect your joints. It affects your whole life!

Gouch!™ was formulated to fight the agony of excess uric acid… and help you take back the pain-free life you deserve.

*Featured Image Designed by brgfx / Freepik

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