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The Two Ways You Can Protect Your Nerves From Future Pain

Our hands and feet are responsible for almost every physical action we take. When they suffer, our entire body suffers. We explain how to relieve their pain, protect your nerves from future pain, and restore healthy nerves!

This blog reveals:

  • Why people experience “pins and needles”
  • Why diabetes-sufferers are at risk of experiencing this strange pain
  • The two ways to help protect your nerves from future pain
  • An all-natural formula for fighting the pain in your hands and feet
    • Relieving the pain you experience today
    • Protecting your nerves from future pain
    • Restore healthy nerves

It may start as “pins and needles;” a light tingling sensation along your fingers and toes.

After a while, it can feel like your hands and feet have “fallen asleep,” even though you’re wide awake.

Then, it starts to get very painful. It can feel like glass is breaking on your skin, or an intense burning sensation.

Sometimes things get so bad that a cool breeze or light clothing brushing the skin can leave you in utter agony.

Many people each day are unable to protect their nerves from this sort of pain… especially those of us with diabetes.

We explain the best way to protect your nerves from future pain, and also reveal why diabetes-sufferers are at such risk!

What nerves are being affected?

Let’s start by distinguishing between the two different nerve systems in your body!

  • CNS | This is the Central Nervous System. This relates to the nerves that are found in our brain and spine.
  • PNS | This is the Peripheral Nervous System. Simply put… it’s everything else! All the nerves outside of the brain and spine relate to the PNS. The majority of nerves in your body are part of this system.

So, what’s the main difference between the nerves of the CNS and PNS? The nerve cells in the PNS have the ability to go through mitosis.

Mitosis is the process of cell division. CNS nerves aren’t able to do this, which means they can’t fix themselves when they’re “broken.” This is one of the primary reasons that spinal injuries can be so catastrophic.

When we’re dealing with the pain you’re experiencing in your hands and feet, we’re addressing the PNS.

Why do we experience these “pins and needles?”

The idea of “pins and needles” sounds relatively harmless, and most experiences of this sensation come from our arm or leg simply “falling asleep.”

However, this is very different and a much more serious problem than just sleeping in an odd position.

The reason our hands and feet are tingling in this manner is because our nerves are failing to communicate properly with one another.

This is normally due to either damage to our nerve fibers, or damage to their myelin sheath.

The importance of the myelin sheath

Another difference between the nerves of our PNS and CNS is that the nerves in our PNS are myelinated. This means they’re protected by a myelin sheath.

To understand the myelin sheath, think about the electrical wires that run through your house.

Typically a wire is a piece of copper that is coated in a colorful piece of plastic. The whole point of the plastic coating is to protect the copper wire from touching something and causing a spark, a fire, or to protect you from touching it and getting shocked!

This is the same relationship between your nerve and it’s protective myelin sheath. When that myelin sheath deteriorates, it leaves our nerves exposed, which leads to damage and a whole lot of pain!

Why diabetes sufferers are at such risk

By nature of the condition, those with diabetes have a much more difficult time controlling their blood sugar levels than the rest of us.

This is important to your nerves because uncontrolled blood sugar levels can be very damaging to your nervous system. This condition can create dangerous free radicals that destroy your myelin sheath.

In fact, diabetes is considered a leading cause of peripheral neuropathy. But it’s far from the only cause. Others include: certain vitamin deficiencies, alcohol abuse, poor circulation, injuries, surgeries, sciatica, shingles, and even various drug therapies.

The two ways to help protect your nerves from future pain

So, we’ve identified why this pain occurs… So what are we going to do about it?

The first step is arguably the most important. Strangely enough, it’s also the step that many nerve treatments don’t address.

You have to rejuvenate your stagnated circulation.

The belief that nerve pain can stem from stagnant circulation is hardly a revelatory one. In fact, it’s been around since at least the time of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Generally speaking, we consider poor circulation to be the primary source of all pain.

It’s also important to note that when we increase our circulation, we decrease the levels of pain and inflammation our body experiences.

We need good circulation to make sure that all the ingredients we take in are being delivered to the areas our body needs them the most.

The second step is to provide the nutrients necessary for both healing and restoration.

Remember, we don’t just want to relieve the pain you’re experiencing today, we also want to help protect your nerves from future pain. So, we’ve got to restore your nerves to the optimal level of health.

A natural formula for fighting the pain in your hands and feet

Nerve Shield™ is our formula to help you fight the pain and restore the proper nerve function of your hands and feet.

It’s success is achieved by reinvigorating the stagnated blood flow that’s responsible for your situation.

By marrying the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the principles of modern science, we’ve created an entirely natural solution to your dilemma.

This powerful blend only uses pure 3rd-party-tested ingredients to restore your myelin sheath, support your overall nerve structure, and boost your immune function!

Ingredients to help rejuvenate circulation and fight your pain

Photo by FOODISM360 on Unsplash

We’re turning to the expertise of Traditional Chinese Medicine and bringing in the ingredients of “Two Marvels Powder;” phellodendron and cang zhu atractylodes.

They’ll reduce your pain and also help reinvigorate stagnated blood flow, assisting with essential nutrient delivery to the areas of your body that need it most!

We also owe a huge amount of our success to Chinese skullcap. This flowering plant will help reduce the inflammation that’s keeping you in pain, and also provide necessary antioxidant protection to your regenerating nerves.

Finally, we bring in turmeric. Most people are familiar with turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving capabilities. But it also plays a role in keeping your immune system healthy! When your immune system is released from the strain that your pain has brought, it can get back to doing what it does best… keeping you healthy!

Ingredients to help restore healthy nerves

Once the circulation has returned, we can look at delivering the necessary nutrients for restoring healthy nerves!

We start with restoring the myelin sheath, the figurative “armor” responsible for protecting your nerves.

Roughly 75% of the myelin sheath is composed of fats. Whenever you have a fatty structure that needs your attention, you’re going to want to send in B Vitamins such as B1, B6, Folic Acid and B12 to help build new fats.

To assist the B vitamins and make sure your myelin sheath is up to scratch, we’re also sending in a phosphatidyl complex. So we’re not just building fats… we’re also delivering the fats themselves!

To keep that fat safe, we’ll need antioxidants! That’s where alpha lipoic acid comes in. It’s also one of our two main ingredients for regenerating nerve fiber. In fact, it’s an approved treatment in Germany for peripheral neuropathy.

We’re also using acetyl l-carnitine. Not only has it been shown to improve the generation of nerve fiber, it can also help us reduce the pain we’re experiencing.

The benefits of protecting your nerves from pain with Nerve Shield™

  • RELIEVE YOUR PAIN | Whether it’s “pins and needles”, numbness, or a burning sensation, we’ll help fight the discomfort that’s compromising your life.
  • PROTECT NERVES FROM FUTURE PAIN | We’ll work to rebuild the myelin sheath around your nerves, so you don’t have to worry about the agony tomorrow could bring.
  • RESTORE HEALTHY NERVES | This formula will help you rebuild and maintain the health of compromised nerve fiber and nerve structure.
  • KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG | The stress of chronic pain places a huge burden on your immune system. We bring your body’s defense system the support it needs to start doing what it does best… keeping you healthy!
  • EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT | Most Nerve Shield™ users see significant results within the first 30 days!

Use Nerve Shield™ to help restore the functioning of your hands and feet so you can go back to living the life you love!

Featured Image Designed by jcomp / Freepik

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