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This Doctor Has a Free Tool To Help You Fight Sugar Cravings!

Downloading this gift from the world-renowned Dr. Gregory Jantz could hold the key to breaking your sugar addiction.

This blog reveals:

  • How much sugar Americans eat in a year.
  • Why a best-selling author and doctor of behavioral-based afflictions could help us beat sugar cravings.
  • A free downloadable gift to help you stop your sugar swings!

How much sugar Americans eat per year.

Photo by James Bold on Unsplash

If you’re living in the United States, there’s a good chance you eat too much sugar.

Skeptical? Answer this:

How much sugar do you think the average American eats in a year?

To help you out a little bit, the American Heart Association recommends we eat roughly 22 lbs.

Got your answer?

The average American eats…

142 lbs. of sugar per year.

So, yeah! We eat just a little too much sugar. You can read why that is here. It may sound like a lost cause… but there’s a doctor who’d like to help.

The Doctor and best-selling author who wants to help…

Dr. Gregory Jantz.

Dr. Gregory Jantz is a best-selling author of 39 books, including his latest groundbreaking Healing Depression For Life.

He is also the Founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE, and considered a go-to media source expert for a range of behavioral-based afflictions, as well as drug and alcohol addictions.

You may be confused; what do drugs and alcohol have to do with sugar cravings?

Because, believe it or not, the effect that sugar has on our brain has been scientifically shown to be similar to drugs and alcohol.

To put it simply… sugar is the drug we’re all addicted to. And we need help.

Dr. Jantz has the unique position of understanding the nature of addiction and nutrition… and he’s sharing it with you for free!…

Dr. Jantz’s gift to help you fight sugar swings!

Dr. Jantz is giving you this free, downloadable PDF to help you learn how to conquer sugar swings!

It reveals:

  • The addictive cycle sugar captures us in.
  • The issues we face by consuming excess sugar.
  • Simple lifestyle changes to help us fight the sugar cravings.
  • The herbal and nutritional support that’s available to help us stop these sugar swings!

Claim Dr. Jantz’s Free Gift To You! >>

Sugar may be an addiction that we suffer from together… but it’s one we can beat together, too!

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