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Tired all the time? Here’s why your energy is so low, and how to help!

Despite our differences, there’s only one reason we all get so tired. Here is the natural solution to sustaining healthy energy levels.

This blog teaches:

Who couldn’t use a little bit more energy?

In our fast-paced, on-the-go society, it’s incredibly common to feel drained, fatigued, and in need of an energy boost on a daily basis!

However, before we understand how we can renew our energy, we must first understand why our energy is so low in the first place.

Why our energy levels get so low.

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

We believe there is one root cause for why our energy levels are so low:


The fact is, every single person, no matter how calm their demeanor may be, experiences stress. There are three different kinds of stress.

  • Mental stress. This is the variety most commonly associated with the term stress. Worry and anxiety regarding making it to work on time, earning enough money, etc.
  • Physical stress. Our body also has to contend with daily stressors such as getting enough sleep, lifting heavy objects, and running to catch the bus.
  • Environmental stress. This is the strain placed on the body by the toxins resulting from the world we live in. This includes chemicals, heavy metals, disease, and much more. Vehicle emissions alone can really place a burden on our body.

All of this stress robs us of our energy… but why?

Homeostasis: Keeping a body in balance.

Photo by Ian Flores on Unsplash

Every person’s body has a unique state of homeostasis. This is the state of the body in balance; meaning everything is functioning optimally. This includes blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol being within a normal range.

When we experience stress, our body responds physically. Muscles tense, our pulse quickens, and much more. In short, stress pushes us out of homeostasis.

Our body knows that it can’t function properly out of homeostasis… so it spends energy to counter the negative effects of stress, and brings us back into balance.

This means our body systems return to their normal ranges, but we are often left tired and weary.

This is not a sustainable situation. How do we counter the negative effects of stress without sapping our energy levels? To answer this, we asked someone who fights stress on a daily basis... Founder and CEO of Redd Remedies, Dan Chapman.

The natural herbs keeping this CEO energized.

Founder and CEO, Dan Chapman

As the Founder and CEO of supplement company Redd Remedies, Dan Chapman knows a thing or two about stress. He also knows that he can’t do his job properly if he allows it to rob him of the energy he needs to run his company!

That’s why Dan Chapman starts his day with adaptogens.

Adaptogens are herbs with stress-relieving properties that have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices for centuries.

In order to be classified as an adaptogen, a herb must meet three criteria:

  1. It must be non-toxic.
  2. It cannot be limited in its use. While all adaptogens have something they are particularly good at, every single one of these herbs must have the ability to work in any area of your body that needs support.
  3. It has to be balancing. No matter what part of your body is overactive or underactive, it must be able to bring that area back to homeostasis.

The two adaptogens Dan starts his day with are white panax ginseng and rhodiola rosea, which he gets from our True Energy™ formula. Both of these herbs offer more than just their stress-relieving properties.

Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to:

  • Increase physical endurance.
  • Shorten muscle recovery time.
  • Increase work productivity.
  • Improve cardiovascular function.
  • Provide resistance to high altitude sickness.
  • Stimulates brain stem activity, which helps regulate emotion, boost learning and improve attention span.

White panax ginseng has been shown to:

  • Promote strength.
  • Improve lung function.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Stimulate immune system.
  • Improve energy metabolism during extended exercise.
  • Strengthen cardiovascular system.
  • Regulate blood pressure.

These herbs give us the foundation to help us function with healthy levels of energy, but to allow our bodies to truly function at their optimal capacity, we have to make sure we nourish these three organs...

Nourish these 3 body organs to fight fatigue.

The first is the liver.

One of our liver’s primary jobs is to filter toxins and stressors from our body. If it isn’t functioning optimally, these stressors could stay in our body and draw us out of balance.

The liver also processes inactive compounds in our body such as B vitamins, and converts them into beneficial assets our body can utilize. If the liver is stressed, this won't happen effectively.

The second organ is the adrenals.

The adrenal glands are responsible for releasing cortisol, the hormone that helps us effectively respond to stress!

If our adrenal glands aren’t properly supported, they can become fatigued and stop producing the necessary level of cortisol. This can allow stress to further negatively impact our lives, and sap our energy.

The final organ is the thyroid.

The thyroid also produces various hormones, some of which help us regulate our body temperature and heart rate. When our thyroid isn’t functioning optimally, our energy levels drop and we become fatigued. Other consequences include weight gain and being overly sensitive to cold temperatures.

A stimulant-free formula for optimizing physical energy and improving mental focus!

If, like Dan, you’d like to start your day with the natural energy boost your body craves, it’s time for True Energy™!                   

This is a natural formula that offers far more than a short-term spurt of energy. This stimulant-free solution will provide long-lasting physical energy and mental clarity throughout your day.

  • Rhodiola and white panax ginseng use adaptogenic properties to alleviate the stress that’s sapping energy from our bodies!
  • If you want true energy, you’ll need an optimally functioning liver, thyroid, and adrenal glands. That’s why we’re supporting those very organs with royal jelly, atlantic kelp, and licorice root.
  • Maintaining healthy stamina is simple with our inclusion of cordyceps, and our coenzymated B6 vitamins will help you efficiently metabolize energy.

Stop with the stimulants. It’s time for True Energy™.

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