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Travel Diffusers Provide Quick and Convenient Support

Three essential oil-based travel diffusers from Redd Remedies can be used to provide a burst of energy or quick support for your sinuses and respiratory system.

Scented plants and crude extracts have been used in religious ceremonies and healing traditions, as well as for perfumes, for thousands of years. In 1937, the term “aromatherapy” was coined by French perfumier Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, to distinguish the beneficial from the sensuous aspects of certain plant scents.

Through much improved extraction and preservation methods, as well as a growing wealth of information on their benefits, the use of essential oils to promote health has become a widely accepted practice. These oils are highly complex; they may contain over 100 compounds, with one or two major compounds. They are quickly absorbed through inhalation, thanks to our olfactory system’s direct connection between the environment and the brain (including the amygdala that stores emotional memories).

Convenient inhalator-type dispensers used for our travel diffusers make these three helpful products easy to carry and to use – and they are safe enough to be used as often as desired. Each of these products have a complementary Redd Remedies targeted natural supplement, and they can be used together or alone.

trueENERGY – Without the Jitters

When you need a quick pick-me-up or support for mental clarity and focus, trueENERGY Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser is a good alternative to caffeine or sugary foods. It includes Rosemary cineole, a member of the mint family that supports clarity and healthy cognitive performance, along with ginger root oil to support energy naturally. As ginger also supports healthy digestion, it would be especially helpful in the post-meal drowsy times.

Other essential oils in this product are: Piper nigrum (black pepper), which helps increase alertness, and peppermint – refreshing and uplifting. Safe and effective, you can use trueENERGY Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser as often as you wish. We recommend that you use it along with our trueENERGY, a targeted natural supplement that delivers nutrients that support healthy liver, adrenal and thyroid function.

Sinus Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser

If you could use some easy-to-carry support for sinus health, the Sinus Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser delivers six whole essential oils in an easy-to-use dispenser. By inhaling through the nose and breathing deeply, you bring into your lungs soothing eucalyptus, rosemary camphor and rosemary cineole. Also included are spike lavender, scotch pine and ravintsara (a member of the Laurel family), to help you breathe a little easier while supporting sinus health.

You can use this product as often as desired. For best results, we recommend you use it with Adult Sinus Support or Sinuzyme, so you are getting the nutrients that will help you develop a healthy immune system and further support sinus health.

Lung Care Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser

On-the-go support for healthy lung function is available with our Lung Care Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser. It delivers four whole essential oils that are easily inhaled through our convenient dispenser to provide direct support to your respiratory passages. Sweet marjoram, red mandarin, cypress and niaouli (a member of the Myrtle family) help support clear and healthy lungs and have a calming influence.

Designed to be used with our Lung Care natural supplement, this product can be used as often as necessary (though it is not a replacement for fast-acting inhalers).


It’s best to write the date on the label when you open the dispenser. Although a scent will remain for a long time, these essential oils provide the most benefit up to 3 months after opening.

For additional information on essential oils, including information about extraction methods, read more here:

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