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Why “The King of Bitters” May Be the Solution to Your Throat Infection…

They may not be the most pleasant to eat, but bitter herbs have a great track record at fighting the nasty bacteria that invade our bodies.

This article reveals:

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Have you ever seen anyone eat foods like Cookies, ice cream, pineapple, or strawberries without a smile on their face?

And who can resist a tasty savoury meal, like a well cooked steak, freshly caught fish, or fire roasted eggplant?

One flavor profile that’s often overlooked is “bitter.” And yet, research has shown us that bitter foods may actually have powerful health benefits!

This article will explain what those benefits are, and reveal the bitter herb we use to help keep ourselves healthy!

Bitter foods and fighting bacteria

The relationship between bitterness and health is no recent discovery!

This belief actually dates back centuries to the time of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where practitioners would use bitter-flavored herbs to treat various diseases.

Since then, numerous studies have been conducted that corroborate the health benefits of these foods; namely, their ability to fight off harmful bacteria.

In fact, a study released in 2017 measured the bitterness of limonoids and alkaloids, finding that the bitterest compounds also had the greatest antibacterial activity. They concluded their results by stating:

“...there is a positive correlation between bitter taste and antibacterial activities.”

“The King of Bitters” and a throat infection

When you think of bitter foods, you may be drawn towards ginger root and leafy greens, and we’re certainly not discouraging eating those!

However, when it comes to true bacteria-fighting power, it’s really bitter herbs that we’re after.

Our favourite is actually one of the bitterest you can find; so much so that ayurvedic culture dubbed it: “The King of Bitters…” Andrographis!

This is an incredibly popular herb for supporting immune health.

A study comparing the efficacy of andrographis against pharyngotonsillitis (an infection of both the throat and tonsils) was remarkably positive!

“The efficacy of paracetamol or high dose Andrographis paniculata was significantly more than that of low dose Andrographis paniculata at day 3 in terms of the relief of fever and sore throat. The clinical effects were not different at day 7”.

It’s also beneficial for your digestive health

Harmful bacteria love to try and take our digestive system for a joyride! Getting rid of them can become tricky because we want to make sure the flora (helpful bacteria) that live in our gut remain relatively unharmed.

Andrographis is perfect for this job. As our CEO and Founder, Dan Chapman say:

“... the best choice for when the bacteria in our bodies get out of balance. They eliminate what does not belong, while preserving healthy bacteria, resulting in a balanced microbiome.”

Fight the stress that’s compromising your immune system

The cherry on Andrographis’ proverbial cake is that it is an adaptogen.

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants used in herbal medicine that are believed to help the human body resist stress.

What does stress have to do with the immune system?

When experiencing stress, our body releases the hormone cortisol. An accumulation of these stress hormones has the ability to alter our immune response in an unhealthy way. It’s no coincidence that when we allow ourselves to get emotionally rundown, physical sickness isn’t too far behind!

Adaptogens bring our bodily systems back into balance. With its antibacterial activity, plus the ability to recharge a weary immune system, andrographis is a herb that helps to get you better and keep you better.

Harnessing the power of andrographisImmune Bac Pro

Our Master Herbalist has taken the incredible powers of andrographis to the next level by including it in her Immune Bac Pro™ formula!

When you’re feeling run-down and under the weather, this powerful blend of botanicals delivers rapid-response, short-term support to your immune system! You can be feeling like yourself again in no time!

  • FLUSH TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY Your lymph system is your body’s “garbage disposal.” By sending it support, we help you remove the stressors that are compromising your health
  • SOOTHE YOUR STOMACH These botanicals will help you maintain a healthy microbiome, removing the harmful bacteria that are aggravating your stomach.
  • RESIST NEGATIVE STRESS Stress isn’t just keeping you on edge; it’s also actively compromising your immune system! We help you manage these negative effects so your immune system can get back to doing what it does best… keeping you safe!
  • RECHARGE YOUR ENERGY In TCM, qi is described as our “life force” or “vital energy.” This formula will help you restore deficient levels of qi, and put a spring back in your step!

Deliver efficient, powerful, rapid-response support to your immune system with Immune Bac Pro™ today!

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