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You Are Not Alone: Mental Health Awareness Month

Started in 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month is observed in the US for the entire month of May.

Led by the organization Mental Health America, it attempts to raise public awareness for the struggles that deteriorating and neglected mental health can bring us, while highlighting that none of us are alone in this struggle. These are issues that all of us deal with to some degree, even if we don’t fully see or acknowledge the impact.

Our intention is that this blog might shed some light on factors that can cause mental strain, which could then give you an opportunity to take better care of yourself.

Social distancing greatly benefits society, but can put a lot of mental strain on the individual.

While a great many may be feeling the benefits of social distancing, it has also brought mental stress on plenty. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America understands that many are currently experiencing increased levels of anxiety.

Let us be clear, we are not advocating for the abolishment of social distancing practices. We are grateful and stand in complete support for the work of those on the frontline, and we must do all we can to help them.

We also wish for individuals to understand the new pressures they find themselves under, so they can then take care of themselves most effectively.

So what can people do in an attempt to alleviate some of their mental strain?

The Military Health Service strongly advocates for people to use technology to connect with others. While loneliness and depression are not direct causes of one another, they do share a definite correlation. In this time of self-isolation it’s very easy to start to feel alone. Setting a routine of talking to others on the phone or through video conferencing is strongly encouraged by the MHS.

They also believe that practicing a healthy physical routine will help cope with the strain on mental health. Keeping physically fit, deep-breathing exercises, and yoga are all key examples they list.

According to, overindulging in upsetting media consumption can also lead to higher levels of anxiety. Try to put limits on how long you spend reading articles that paint the situation we find ourselves in as apocalyptic, irreversible, or hopeless.

There isn’t a way to make all of your negative feelings vanish. If there was we’d tell you.

The wisest course of action for you to take is to talk to your personal medical professional. If they don’t specialize in mental health, they can refer you to someone who is.

How does Redd Remedies participate in the mental health conversation?

Redd means “to put in order.” Helping you put your health in order is our mission.

We’ve always believed in a holistic view of health. If you’re going to achieve an optimal state of wellness, you can’t just focus on the physical. You need to take care of the mental side too.

That’s why we are partnered with the best-selling author, depression specialist, and Founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE, Dr. Gregory Jantz.

We’ve had a relationship with Dr. Jantz for some time now, dedicated to helping people achieve health and hope so they can live life to the fullest. It only makes sense then to name our collaborative category of products Hope & Possibility.

When asked about Redd Remedies, Dr Jantz responded: “I believe that Redd Remedies has created an ideal line of premium products, and we see them helping our patients every day.”

As we mentioned earlier, we are not suggesting that there is a cure for everyone with depression. But what we can do is deliver nourishment at a root level to help cultivate a healthy mind-body balance.

Take a product like At Ease. We know that stress and anxiety can often make it very difficult to fall asleep. Sleepless nights can greatly impact our mood and productivity the following day. So At Ease was designed with the intention of promoting healthy relaxation and resistance to stress, using a blend of herbs including schizandra, magnesium, and bacopa, among others.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work of Dr. Jantz, you can check out his new book, Healing Depression for Life, in which he speaks more about our partnership, here. You can browse the Hope & Possibility line of products we created with him here.

It’s okay to not be okay. You are not alone.

No one needs to suffer through the pain of declining mental health alone.

If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, contact your physician or you can call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357. This is a free, confidential, treatment referral, and information service.

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