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Your Immune System is Under Attack Every Single Day.

The Immune Support You Need, Even When You’re Healthy…

This blog reveals:

  • The most common misconception people have about immune support.
  • The two types of stressors that keep our immune system busy all year long.
  • How your isolated immune-boosting ingredients could be hurting you instead of helping.
  • Your liver’s vital role in a healthy immune system
  • The 3 ways a Master Herbalist’s all-natural immune support provides comprehensive daily care.

The most common misconception people have about immune support…

Why is it that we run to the pharmacy to stock up on vitamins when snow begins to fall and Christmas lights start to twinkle?

We’ve been trained to understand that our immune system comes under pressure in the winter, and this is true.

For one thing, viruses like the flu thrive in colder temperatures. There’s also less sunlight in the US during winter, which means less vitamin D.

Buying supplements in the winter isn’t a problem. The problem is the misconception that this is the only time you need immune-boosting supplements.

The fact is, your immune system is under attack every single day of the year, even when you feel the healthiest.

The two key stressors to your immune system...

While pathogenic threats to our immune system may occur more frequently in the colder months of the year, there are plenty of daily immune system stressors we can split into two broad categories.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

The first is “physical.”

Our world is rife with toxins and contaminants. From the air that we breathe to the food that we eat, our immune system is constantly on guard to protect us from environmental pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, adulterants, aflatoxins, and so much more.

The second is “emotional.”

Your immune system deserves protection from these stressors all-year round, not just in the winter.

Unfortunately, some of the most popular immune-boosting ingredients may actually be causing us more harm than good...

Popular immune-boosting supplements can take your body out of balance.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Balance is key in all aspects of life, including boosting your immune system.

Yet many of us purchase immune support in ‘isolate’; meaning we buy single-ingredient capsules, such as magnesium or zinc.

Taking these isolated minerals can actually throw your body out of balance, and create bigger problems.

For example, if you start megadosing on zinc for an extended period of time, you may develop a copper deficiency. This is because zinc and copper compete for absorption sites within our bodies. This can lead to fatigue, nausea, skin inflammation and difficulty remembering.

It’s far safer and more beneficial to invest in immune-boosting formulas as opposed to isolated ingredients which can throw your body out of whack. Properly formulated supplements bring our bodies into balance..

Who do you trust to create these supplements?

You need someone who understands the benefits of every individual ingredient… but more importantly, an expert on how these ingredients work together to become more than the sum of their parts.

This person is Stacey Littlefield, Master Herbalist.

Having received the title of Master Herbalist upon completion of her Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine degree, you can imagine Stacey Littlefield has a lot to say about the supplement industry.

With over 20 years of experience in the natural products industry, she has seen the misconceptions people hold about popular immune ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C, and elderberry. These are wonderful ingredients, but only when used in the right way for the right purpose.

Stacey has identified the ingredients necessary for you to naturally and effectively give your immune system the daily, balanced, formulated support it needs.

The 3 ways Stacey’s all-natural immune support provides comprehensive daily care…

We call this formula Immune Everyday.

This formula is specially designed to help give your immune system support against everyday stressors, both physical and emotional, all year long.

Here’s the inside scoop on how this formula provides you with effective, daily immune support…

It maximizes your liver function.

For many of you, this is going to be a real head-scratcher.

“I don’t have liver problems! Why do I need this?”

Believe it or not, the liver plays an integral role in your immune system functioning at optimal capacity.

First, it helps filter toxins from your body. If these toxins aren’t removed, they place an added burden on your immune system.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the liver acts as “school” for your immune system. It is the organ where your immune system learns to distinguish between threatening foreign cells and itself.

By maximizing our liver function, we keep our immune system alert and productive. To accomplish this, Immune Everyday includes a powerful blend of maitake and shiitake mushrooms.

It reduces the negative impact of stress.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Stressors, both physical and mental, are a part of everyday life.

Considering the immense toll they take on our immune system, it’s essential that daily immune support helps our body effectively modulate our stress response.

Adaptogens are herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine that have been shown to contain powerful stress-relieving properties.

Ashwagandha in particular has been shown to reduce levels of stress and fatigue by mitigating unhealthy levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

This is why we’re employing the benefits of Sensoril®, a powerful extract of Ashwagandha, in our formula.

It cultivates a healthy antioxidant status.

Antioxidants are essential for protecting your immune system.

Image by Hajnalka Mahler from Pixabay

They provide armor to your immune cells in order to protect them from threatening foreign cells and the dangers imposed by free radicals.

We’ve made sure that every single ingredient in Immune Everyday contains antioxidant properties, but we’re also harnessing rosehips, a plant rich in vitamin C.

Many don’t realize that vitamin C is an antioxidant, but it is! That’s what makes it an effective tonic for shortening the common cold.

Stacey’s Summary.

  • We need immune support all year round, not just in the winter.
  • Addressing your body’s mental stressors is just as important as addressing physical stressors.
  • Formulas are more effective at achieving whole-body balance than isolated ingredients.
  • Ideal daily immune support such as Immune Everyday should accomplish the following:
    • Maximize your liver function.
    • Reduce the negative impact of physical and mental stress.
    • Cultivate a healthy antioxidant status.

Immune Everyday will give your body the targeted, effective, daily support it deserves!

*Featured Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash

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