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Redd Remedies strives to provide healthy solutions for you, our valued customers. Read some of the gracious applause we have received from you!

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Nerve Shield   
“Nothing I tried worked for my feet, until my sister gave me Nerve Shield. I cannot believe the difference I feel. The pain is completely gone and I sleep peacefully all night. Just an amazing product.”

– Leanne F., Birmingham, AL

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Lung Care  
"Lung Care from Redd Remedies is amazing. I can not only make it through a conversation, but I can make it through my entire day! My lungs feel supported and I have energy."

—Monika B., Nanuet, NY

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Children’s Sinus Support   
"My child needed something for her runny nose.. We started using Children’s Sinus Support and were amazed at how quickly it worked. The best part is that she had no side effects like brain-fog or feeling tired. I would recommend this product to any mother.”."

—Catherine L., Murfreesboro, TN

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At Ease 
“I have been taking different products for years. After trying Redd Remedies all natural health supplements, I will never go back to anything else ever again. At Ease helped keep me focused and improved my concentration as well as left me feeling clear headed. I love the fact that I can take a vegetarian and gluten free supplement that has such a wonderful effect! I highly recommend Redd Remedies and their natural approach to health issues.”

—Lindsey H., San Diego, CA

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Joint Health Advanced   
The pain and lack of mobility in my knees was keeping me from all the things I loved. Then I tried Advanced Joint Health. It is amazing! I can actually FEEL the difference. I was on another product for years, and in one week on Joint Health I felt better than I have in the past ten years. Thank you Redd Remedies for this product!”

Kevin R., Carlsbad, CA

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Crave Stop  
“I’ve struggled with my weight and excessive snacking for all of my adult life. Of course I tried diets, but I always struggled with the urge to eat between meals. Well, not anymore! With Crave Stop, I am not tempted to snack on sugary foods. I just don’t feel the desire anymore, yet I feel great. Losing some pounds is nice too : )

Belinda B., Houston, TX

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“My uric acid levels where far too high and oh could I feel it. Nothing I took seemed to help until I took Gouch. Wow! I feel so much better and have not had any issues since taking it. The difference is just amazing.”

– Roy A., Washington DC

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Children’s Sinus Support  
"I used Sinus Support for Children to help my child's ear problems and stuffiness. Within a month she was 100% better. I am so excited that I have finally found an effective, natural remedy for my children in chewable form!"

– Marsia Y., Charlotte, NC

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Heart Strong   
“I have a long history of heart issues in my family. My doctor recommended Heart Strong for overall cardiovascular support. On my last check-up, he couldn’t be happier, which made me very happy. Thank you.”

– Michelle S., Mt. Vernon, IN

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Brain Awakening   
“I truly feel the difference when I take Brain Awakening. I feel more alert, more focused, my thoughts are more crisp and words come to me more quickly. It is by far the most effective supplement I have ever taken. I tell my wife I feel more alive every day.”

– Michael T., West Palm Beach, FL

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Joint Health Soft Chews   
“I loved the idea of a soft chew for my joint health, but wanted to make sure they actually worked. I started taking your soft chews six weeks ago and Wow! They do more than “work”, they have changed my life. I take one a day and now climbing steps and jogging are a joy again. I couldn’t say that before. I love this product. I actually felt results in about 5 days. Thank you!”

Adam T., Mission KS

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RE-NU Canine Chewables   
“It was breaking my heart to see my 10 year old lab Holly struggle to get up and down stairs and run in the yard like she used to. A friend told me about Re-Nu. After about 10 days, Holly was bouncing up and down the stairs so much better, like she did when she was younger. I could see the joy and confidence back in her face. I feel like I have my dog back! Thank you."  

Deanna D.,  Wayne  PA
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Curcumin T4  
“I have dealt with pain for years. Nothing really seemed to work, Curcumin T4 is a Godsend. My whole body feels better and I feel more relaxed and energetic. I really love this product.”    

Amy S.,  Bloomington, IN