Dan Chapman • Owner, Redd Remedies & Sunrise Health Food Stores

Dan Chapman

Dan Chapman

Meet Dan Chapman. Founder & CEO of Redd Remedies, Owner of Sunrise Health Food Stores, Chairman of Bible League International.

Meet the Redd Remedies® Founder & CEO and the owner of Sunrise Health Food Stores, Dan Chapman.

Dan is a leading voice for natural remedies, and a go-to media expert on herbal, mineral and supplemental support to live a healthy and balanced life.

Growing up around his family's Sunrise Health Food store in Roseland, IL, Dan has lived in the world of natural products for his entire life. After graduating from Trinity Christian College with a B.S. in Business Management, Dan returned to Sunrise, bringing his passion for healthy living, fascination with the healing power of herbs, and belief in the importance of successful local business for a community with him.  After expanding to three locations and seeing a need on his shelves for some specific nutritional products to better serve his customers, Dan expanded his focus on improving the lives of others by launching Redd Remedies.

Redd Remedies has grown into a leading natural health supplements provider, winning awards on 19 of its 30+ products, and becoming a leading voice as an advocate for a holistic approach to wellness. Today, with nationwide distribution, Redd (which means "to put in order") Remedies® is holding true to its pledge to provide customers with only the highest quality natural health solutions. Dan resides in Bradley, Illinois with his wife Valerie and his sons, Wiley and Eli, and daughter, Olive. 

He is active in his local Christian community, serving on the board of directors of South Pointe Youth for Christ for the past 20+ years, and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bible League International. He considers his faith to be a driving force behind his commitment to helping others and giving back to his community. 

Today, Dan is a leading voice of masterly crafted formulations of natural products that provide solutions for life's challenges – physical and emotional. He appears regularly on health and wellness media and in natural supplement publications. His expertise, experience, and genuine passion to create lasting solutions comes together as a leading voice for wellness in this generation.

To schedule Dan to speak to your organization, please email kaitlyn@reddremedies.com or call 888.453.5058.