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How is the glucosamine found in NEM® different from the glucosamine found in other supplements?

The main difference between the glucosamine found in NEM® and glucosamine found in other supplements is what surrounds it, not necessarily the glucosamine itself. NEM® is so much more than glucosamine alone. It is essentially a reflection
of all the collective building blocks required by healthy joint tissue. Rather than isolated glucosamine trying to do all the necessary work alone (some of which it just isn’t equipped to do), the glucosamine found in NEM® has a team to share the work- a team of collagen and amino acids, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid. They all work synergistically to support joint health and function. Without those other team members, there’s only so much glucosamine can do on its own. Not all of the work can be done by isolated glucosamine.