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Time To Put Your Health In Order

Redd means “to put in order”, which is exactly what we do – we deliver natural health solutions to help you put your health in order. We understand that if a person’s health is not in order, it can become the focus of that person’s life. We also recognize that true health goes beyond what any supplement company has to offer.

Through the fusion of wholesome clean food, targeted high quality supplements, and qualified doctors with expertise in natural medicine, we help people address their health from a whole body perspective.

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Only The Purest Ingredients

Redd Remedies is proud of our comprehensive Purity Testing Program which, unlike the basic expectations of safety set forth by the FDA, goes well beyond the minimum requirements.

From ingredient selection and verification, to ensuring each dose contains exactly what’s on the label, to our extensive finished product testing by industry-leading 3rd-party labs, Redd Remedies offers a Purity Promise that can be trusted.

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Leading The Fight Against Toxins

We live in a toxic world. Hundreds upon hundreds of toxins can enter our water and food supply and many become part of the plants we consume. As a result, we must consider everything we put in our bodies, including dietary supplements.

Most pesticide testing aligns to U.S. Pharmacopoeia 561, which provides standards for approximately 70 pesticide residues. However, using this standard for pesticide testing is not mandatory for finished goods or brand holders, leaving FDA standards for herbal supplements lacking.

Learn why the minimum is not enough and why we go to such great lengths to ensure we deliver only the purest and most effective supplements.

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