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Gout usually occurs for one of two reasons:

X The body is over producing uric acid
X The body isn't excreting uric acid properly

Excess uric acid doesn’t just affect your joints. It affects your whole life! Gouch!™ was formulated to fight the agony of excess uric acid… and help you take back the pain-free life you deserve.



4 reasons why Gouch! can help

1. Specially Formulated By Master Herbalist
Stacy Littlefield has a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine & over 20 years of experience.
2. Our Formula Is All Natural
This award winning formula is 3rd party tested and created using pure, plant-based ingredients.
3. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Feel better fast! If you’re not happy with your results, send the bottle back within 90 days for a full refund!
4. Can Be Used For Multiple Reasons
Can be used for fast relief from existing symptoms or simply for ongoing maintenance.

Watch Herbalist Stacey Littlefield Break Down The Link Between Healthy Kidneys And Uric Acid Management

Our body converts proteins in our food called “purines” into uric acid.

Avoiding foods with high purine concentrations can help to avoid overproduction of uric acid. However ‘gout diets’ are often unrealistic.

It is the job of our kidneys to remove excess uric acid through urination.

If uric acid is building up in your body, it’s likely because your kidneys are overworked and undernourished.

The Natural Supplement For Uric Acid Relief

Reduces redness, swelling and pain

Gouch!™ users have experienced significant relief within 24-48 hours!

No unnecessary and dangerous diuretics. Rather than placing extra stress on already overburdened kidneys, we use natural ingredients that allow your kidneys to regulate healthy uric acid levels like they were designed to do!

Helps keep your immune system strong


Gluten Free
Lab Tested

Gouch! Fuses traditional chinese medicine and modern science to provide fast and effective relief from gout. This award-winning formula uses 3rd-party-tested ingredients to clear painful excess uric acid, maximize your kidney function, and support your immune system.

How the ingredients work

Tart Cherry

Restricts Uric Acid Production; Bioflavonoids


Bioflavonoid- helps to ease swelling & improve blood flow

Boerhavia Root

Kidney Tonic; Joint Support

Couch Grass

Kidney Tonic

Ginger Root

Anti-inflammatory; Rejuvenates Circulation

The lives changed by GouchTM