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Based on your answers you are coping with:

The Worrying - Foggy Brain - Sleepless Stress Type

“Why do I feel so anxious?”

In small doses, stress can be helpful. But prolonged exposure can cause heightened levels of cortisol. In an example such as yours, this manifests in excessive levels of worry and anxiety, even over small or seemingly non-existent problems!

These feelings are also affecting your ability to recharge with a good night’s rest. As a result, you can often spend an entire day feeling groggy and disoriented as you attempt to navigate your “brain fog.”

Based on your answers, we have concluded that you want to:

Spend the day with sustained, natural energy

Improve your memory, focus, and concentration

Ease your worries and nerves but remain completely alert

Enjoy healthy, restful sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed


Your Supplement Plan

Your Supplement Plan

Your Supplement Plan

True Energy™

Stress is clearly wearing your body down, leaving you feeling weary and fatigued.

We recommend you start your day the same way our CEO does; with the all-natural, stimulant-free True Energy™.

Long-term, sustained physical energy

Boosts mental focus and clarity

Supports healthy levels of stamina and metabolism

All-Natural Ingredient List: Rhodiola, Asian Panax Ginseng, Cordyceps, Royal Jelly, Licorice Root, Atlantic Kelp, Co-enzymated Vitamin B6

Additional Advantages: Gluten-free; Vegetarian; 3rd-Party Lab Tested

Stop with the stimulants. It’s time for True Energy™!

At Ease™

Unfounded worries and nervous energy caused by chronic stress slowly chip away at our capability to be relaxed and joyful.

That’s why we think At Ease™. will be an important part of your stress-relieving formula. This all-natural, entirely non-sedative solution can help:

Calm your agitated mind without leaving you groggy

Ease your nervous energy, but keep you totally alert

Support a positive mood and relaxation without causing drowsiness

All-Natural Ingredient List: Schisandra; Bacopa; Magnesium; Suntheanine®; GABA; 5-HTP; L-Theanine; B Vitamins; Choline

Additional Advantages: Gluten-free; Vegetarian; 3rd-Party Lab Tested

At Ease.™ Fight your stress. Calm your mind.

Brain Awakening™

Stress is tiring out your brain, leaving it “foggy.” Our brains are just like any other organ in our body; in order to function at their best, they need to be properly nourished!

That’s why we’ve formulated Brain Awakening™!

Supports both your short and long-term memory

Helps you think clearly, and make big decisions

Promotes healthy levels of concentration and focus

All-Natural Ingredient List: Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body; Amla; Magtein™

Additional Advantages: Gluten-free; Non-GMO; Vegan; 3rd-Party Lab Tested

Stop stress from blocking you brain’s true potential with Brain Awakening™

At Ease PM™

How can you have a good day when stress is robbing you of a good night’s sleep?

That's why We recommend At Ease PM™ to fight your stress. This all-natural formula featuring the purest herbs and minerals has three key functions:

Relax and calm your body and mind for bedtime.

Promote restful, restorative sleep.

Help you wake refreshed, alert, and ready to seize the day!

All-Natural Ingredient List: California Poppy; Hops; Lemon Balm; Vitamins B1, B6; Niacin; Magnesium; GABA; L-Theanine; 5-HTP

Additional Advantages: Gluten-free; Non-GMO; Vegan; 3rd-Party Lab Tested

Aren’t you sick of waking up feeling like you haven’t slept at all? Use At Ease PM™ to experience great nights that turn into even better days!

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