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Allergies in Our Children

A change in the seasons is on its way, and here in the Midwest, that means allergies. According to the CDC, in 2010 8.6 million children were reported with respiratory allergies. This number has increased every year in the past decade. The reasons for this increase are insurmountable and theories range from GMOs in food to environmental contaminants.

Fall is also the beginning of the school year for our kids. Imagine dealing with itchy eyes, constant congestion and sneezing while you’re sitting in a classroom trying to learn the lesson of the day. (Maybe you can actually remember that!) Pretty hard to stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand. Many of us as parents will run to the local pharmacy and grab an over-the-counter medication to give our kids some relief, but get this. Many of the over-the-counter medications offered for children’s allergies actually hinder the learning process. They decrease focus and concentration. They cause drowsiness in some kids.

How’s a kid supposed to learn anything under those conditions? And how many of us parent are aware of those possible side effects?

With the demands schools are placing on our children today, the last thing they need is another obstacle to good grades. There are so many alternatives to these OTC medications and we encourage parents to take a few moments to learn about them. Go to your local health food store or visit your nearest pharmacy that offers natural alternatives and ask questions. You might find that once you get your child’s allergies under control, other subsequent problems like ear infections, may no longer be a problem.

These alternatives do not come strapped with the side effects and they won’t interrupt your child’s learning process. They’ve worked for my children and I know they can work for yours.

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