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An Olympic Weightlifter’s All-Natural Joint and Muscle Relief.

Jen Dieter isn’t just an Olympian. She’s also a CrossFit Games Competitor, a Physical Therapist, and a Mom! Here’s how her body keeps up with her demanding schedule...

This article reveals:

  • Jen Dieter’s incredible achievements as a weightlifter, CrossFit competitor, and physical therapist.
  • The secret to Jen’s incredible levels of success.
  • The all-natural formulas Jen uses to properly rest her muscles and keep her joints pain-free!

So much more than just a record-holding weightlifter…

Jen Dieter.

Our friend Jen Dieter has never been one to say “I can’t.”

This never-say-die attitude, an incredible work ethic, and her wealth of talent have all been instrumental in making her the extraordinarily accomplished athlete she is.

She holds world weightlifting records in the snatch lift, the clean and jerk lift, and their combined total!

She is also a 6-time competitor in the Master’s division of the CrossFit Games, achieving between 5th and 9th place finishes.

But her most astounding feat? Achieving these goals while being a full-time working Mom!

Jen has been a physical therapist for over 22 years and oversees 9 different physical therapy clinics.

Jen Dieter’s achievements should be lauded. Even as a close friend, even we sometimes forget that she is only human. So while her incredible physique may look immortal, it takes a great deal of proper care and maintenance.

How Jen’s body recovers from the demands of her lifestyle.

We often assume that elite athletes don’t contend with the everyday aches and pains that we do. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

We’ll let you in on a secret. Jen, like many Americans, has to navigate the challenges presented by joint pain!

As a weightlifter, she also has to take extremely diligent care of her muscles and nerve structure. Despite its impressive accomplishments, her body is still susceptible to cramps, spasms, and so much more.

In order for her to be competition-ready, she must always be working to keep her body in its optimal condition.

That means when it comes to flare-ups of joint pain, she needs a solution that can offer effective protection, and quickly.

Additionally, you don’t attain Jen’s level of success as an athlete by putting just anything in your body. She insists on honoring the integrity of her body with all-natural solutions.

That’s what makes her such a perfect fit for the Redd Remedies family!

How Jen keeps her muscles competition-ready!

What makes Jen a truly great weightlifter is what she does when she’s not in the gym.

To be as successful as her, you can’t just watch your muscles when they’re working; you need to make sure they’re resting properly as well.

Whenever we work out, our muscle tissues naturally break down, and their energy stores start to drop.

Resting your muscles allows them to repair themselves and even build strength they didn’t have before.

When you’re as busy as Jen, you need all the help you can get to make sure your muscles are properly rested for the next training session!

Check out this video as Jen reveals the three all-natural solutions that keep her muscles competition-ready.

How Jen keeps her joints pain-free!

You might think that because Jen is a weightlifter, she likely has to contend with joint pain.

Actually, several studies have shown that weightlifting may actually help reduce the joint pain we experience.

Jen contends with joint pain because she’s human. That’s it!

As you can see in the video below, she’s found several of our joint-relief products featuring NEM ® to be of huge service in keeping her competitive.

Jen’s Formula For A Better Life:

Muscle Ease™: While it’s important to keep your muscles active, it’s just as important to let them rest! Jen uses Muscle Ease™ to help fight muscle spasms and contractions, and to engage in optimal muscle recovery!

Nerve Shield™: Proper muscle contraction and relaxation doesn’t exist without healthy nerve structure and function. When Jen takes Nerve Shield™, she helps restore her body’s nerve structure, and helps her nerves maintain a healthy myelin sheath!

Joint Health Advanced™: Featuring the natural “super-ingredient” NEM(R), this revelatory formula has been clinically shown to bring results in just 4-10 days! Boost joint comfort, and maintain both flexibility and mobility with Joint Health Advanced™!

Joint Health Soft Chews: Sick of taking pills, but desperate for the incredible benefits of NEM(R)? Try our tasty Joint Health Soft Chews! Jen takes just one each night as a “treat”, and is still able to experience the amazing relief of this natural “super-ingredient!”

Curcumin T4™: Available in both capsules and chewables, this is Jen’s formula for fighting ALL the pain her body endures. That means it doesn’t just address inflammation, but also fights the stress that amplifies pain, quiet’s the brain’s overactive response to pain, and supports healthy circulation! Try Curcumin T4™ to relieve body, mind, and spirit!

Jen’s lesson.

In case you couldn’t tell: We love Jen. And, as luck would have it, Jen loves us!

In fact, we recently sponsored Jen in the CrossFit Legends Masters Division of 2020!

So, how'd she do?

She placed FIRST!

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You can also follow Jen on instagram: @jensmash13

We’re not writing about Jen because we think everyone should take up weightlifting. But we do think everyone should pay as much attention to protecting themselves as Jen does.

We believe this would lead many of us toward living far more balanced and fulfilling lives!

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