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Redd Remedies

Holistic Philosophy

Holistic: relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with the analysis of or treatment of parts.

That is the dictionary definition of "holistic", and we take it seriously. We strive to create products and formulas that will change lives by creating and maintaining health. We do not limit ourselves to just one type of natural medicine. We look at what the world of natural medicine has to offer including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, aromatherapy, and herbs of every type.

We believe in and promote total health and we, as a company, cannot do this alone. It takes partnerships with health food stores to provide communities with access to nutritious, clean food. It takes partnerships with like-minded health care professionals, who can diagnose and offer treatments that we cannot. It takes partnerships with a wide range of others that play a role in bringing about health in people and communities. We are just a piece in the puzzle of a truly healthy life.

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