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Lion’s Mane Mushroom: The Story, The Benefits, and Where to Get it!

2022 is the year mushrooms finally get their due! We reveal our favorite of these fungi, and explain all of its incredible health benefits

This blog reveals

  • Where Lion’s Mane comes from, and where to find it
  • How this amazing mushroom can help take care of your brain
  • The all-natural way to support memory, brain health, and concentration

It can’t be denied… mushrooms are having a moment.

And you know what? It’s about time!

For years, these botanicals haven’t got the respect their incredible abilities deserve… They’ve been “gross”… “disgusting”… “gag-inducing”...

Seriously, who hasn’t had an argument about whether or not to get these tasty little guys on a pizza?

But this year, people are going as far as putting them in their tea and coffee!

If you asked us what our favorite mushroom is, we’d simply tell you “we love all our children equally.”

Then, once we’d left the greenhouse and made sure all of these friendly fungi were out of earshot, we’d tell you our real answer:

Lion’s Mane!

The story of Lion’s Mane

Lion's Mane Mushroom

2022 may be the first time many hear about this wonderful mushroom… but it hasn’t just arrived at the party.

So, why is it called 'Lion’s Mane'?

Well, just take a look at it’s long, shaggy appearance. How could it possibly be called anything else? Well, except for Hericium erinaceus. But that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Some other common names include 'Monkey's Head' and 'Bearded Hedgehog'!

Lion’s Mane has been used for thousands of years throughout China, Japan and India due to its culinary appeal and healthful benefits.

In fact, so revered was Lion’s Mane that it was once reserved only for royalty!

This botanical is native to North America, Europe and Asia, where it usually grows on old oak trees and hardwood logs.

Don’t worry if foraging isn’t your hobby; you can often find this amazing food at farmers’ markets and natural food stores.

Take care of your brain

Many of us are more than happy to make an effort in nourishing our skin, our hair, our nails… but when was the last time you really tried to nourish your brain?

It’s probably been a while, right? After all, it’s something no one sees… and we can’t always 'feel' when it needs some attention, unlike other bodily organs.

But our brain is arguably the most important part of our entire body! If there’s any part of us we should be taking care of… it’s this!

Our brain controls our body and mind, and it has a powerful impact on our emotions. It works through a complex network of neurons which, over time, weaken and die off.

That’s where Lion’s Mane comes in.

Memory, Learning, and Making Decisions

Lion’s Mane contains nootropic compounds that support brain cell health and cognition.

“Uh, ‘cog-what-now’?”

Cognition is defined as “the mental action of acquiring knowledge through thought, experience and the senses”.

We rely on healthy cognition to help us

  • Learn
  • Remember
  • Speak
  • Plan
  • And make decisions

It also impacts our visual and spatial perceptions, and our ability to move!

In 2009, a study of older adults showed healthy cognition at 8, 12 and 16 weeks in participants given Lion’s Mane compared to the control group that received placebos!

Lion’s Mane has also been shown to support the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in processing memories and emotional responses.

More than just brain power

The powerful reach of Lion’s Mane extends far beyond the brain.

This mushroom also contains potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds!

These properties help maintain the health of various body systems, such as the immune system and cardiovascular system.

There has also been initial research that suggests this botanical supports fat metabolism and helps block activity that reduces the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates.

It could also help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and support the functioning of a healthy digestive system!

How to bring Lion’s Mane into your life

Brain Awakening™

The first question anyone asks about eating a mushroom: “Is it poisonous?!”

Lion’s Mane can be eaten raw, cooked, dried, or even steeped in tea!

But some of you may not be convinced; if you don’t like the flavor... What can you do?

Well, you can do exactly what we do… which is get your much needed Lion’s Mane through our award-winning Brain Awakening™ formula!

This all-natural solution:

  • Supports both your short and long-term memory
  • Assists your levels of concentration and focus
  • Helps you maintain a healthy brain and nervous system

Unlock your brain’s full potential now with Brain Awakening™!

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