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Lowering Blood Sugar | The Incredible Effect of Seaweed

Check out this incredible seaweed blend that has been clinically shown to reduce blood sugar levels by almost 50%!

This blog reveals:

  • Why you crave sugar, and why it’s so hard to stop
  • The particular blend of seaweed that can help fight sugar cravings!
    • How it works to protect your body from sugars and starches
    • How it affects your body’s insulin production
    • The staggering results from clinical blood sugar trials
    • Where to find this incredible ingredient

So, you’re struggling with sugar cravings, huh?

Well, join the club!

It’s hardly a stretch to say that all Americans eat WAY too much sugar.

Everyone seems to have their own “fool-proof” method for lowering blood sugar… whether it’s going “cold-turkey” or embarking on a “whole-food detox.”

We’re happy for the people who have seen success from these endeavours… But they are few and far between.

Many of us need a different kind of solution… and here’s why…

Why can’t I stop eating sugar?

Several macaroons on a table to illustrate the impact of sugar on your health.

Photo by Steven Weeks on Unsplash

The reason you crave sugar?

It’s because you eat sugar.

Confusing, right? Let us explain.

When you eat sugar, your blood sugar level rises.

So, to counteract this effect, your body produces insulin. This helps bring your body back to a normal level known as fasting glucose.

Simple enough, right?

Well, there’s a problem… and it’s way bigger than just you and me.

How much sugar is considered “healthy?”

Americans eat WAY too much sugar.

According to the AHA, the average American should only consume 22 lbs. of sugar in a year.

In reality?

We consume roughly 140 lbs. of sugar in a year!

That’s because we cram sugar into absolutely everything.

Canned vegetables, pasta sauce, sushi rice… it’s inescapable!

Our bodies are not meant to handle this much sugar.

So, when we eat sugar, our blood sugar level doesn’t just rise… it violently spikes!

To try and keep our blood sugar levels under control, our body releases an unhealthily large amount of insulin.

This does the trick; it drags out blood sugar levels back down… but it drags them too low!

This is called a “sugar crash.”

Now our body freaks out and wills us into eating more sugar to try and reach our fasting glucose level again.

This vicious cycle is where so many of us are caught.

But, don’t worry. We’ve got an incredible ingredient that can help set you free from sugar cravings.

Lower blood sugar with a seaweed blend

Sun bursting through the ocean highlighting seaweed, which can be used to interrupt sugar and starch from impacting the brain and body.

Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

When our award-winning Master Herbalist, Stacey Littlefield, was formulating Crave Stop™, she knew the key ingredient would have to be InSea2®.

InSea2® is a non-GMO blend of polyphenols taken from two wild-crafted brown seaweeds!

This incredible ingredient can interrupt sugar and starch before they even have a chance to affect the brain and body.

In simple terms, InSea2® closes the door on sugar and starches!

When our blood sugar levels return to a healthy level, we don’t experience a sugar crash.

If we don’t crash… we don’t crave!

If you’re skeptical; we don’t blame you. It sounds too good to be true. But the clinical third-party results will astound you.

The undeniable results of our seaweed blend
A chart illustrating the impact of InSea2 on lowering blood sugar levels.

During a clinical trial, researchers monitored the blood sugar levels of two groups that had just eaten white bread - another item notorious for its high levels of sugar and carbs!

One group was given a placebo, while the other was given InSea2®.

The results blew our minds.

The subjects given InSea2® experienced a 48% reduction in blood sugar levels!

Not only that, but they also experienced a far-less significant acceleration in their blood sugar drop-off. This means they slowly returned to their fasting glucose level… which left them far less susceptible to the dreaded sugar crash!

But the good news doesn’t stop there.

These researchers studied the effects of InSea2® on sugar absorption and assimilation into cells… and revealed a 39% drop in overall blood glucose levels!

How could seaweed affect our insulin production
A chart illustrating the beneficial impact of InSea2 on insulin levels.

Studies revealed that those taking InSea2® experienced a 7% decrease in insulin release.

With the monstrous amounts of insulin that our bodies have to produce in an attempt to control our glucose level, it’s not surprising that our body develops a higher tolerance for insulin.

This means that even when our body is producing high levels of insulin, our body won’t respond to it the way it should.

Well, guess what?

The results of InSea2® also showed subjects experiencing a 5% increase in insulin utilization.

What does that mean? That their cells will pay far more attention to the insulin their body is producing… and thus, the body will not need to produce so much of it!

Studies show InSea2® to be 5 times more effective than your body alone at blocking sugars, and 12 times more effective than your body alone at blocking carbohydrates.

Where can you find InSea2®?

Crave Stop from Redd Remedies, which is formulated with InSea2 to support healthy glucose metabolism.

InSea2® is the key ingredient of our award-winning Crave Stop™, an all-natural solution to managing your sugar cravings!

  • LONG-TERM RESULTS | Crave Stop™ supports both your body, and your brain! Many other products only focus on one of these components, leading to short-term, disappointing results.
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE | Every single ingredient of this all-natural solution goes to work instantly… so you can stop your sugar cravings and support your blood sugar with your first dose!
  • 100% NATURAL | Each serving supports a healthy appetite, blood sugar metabolism, adrenal function, and resistance to stress. This formula is also gluten-free, Non-GMO, and vegan-friendly! Finally, every single ingredient is verified for purity by leading 3rd party labs.

We all love a sweet treat now and again… but our sugar consumption is out of control.

It can lead to physical ailments such as weight gain and diabetes… and also mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and an inability to deal with stress.

This is not the life you want to be living.

Use Crave Stop™ to break free of sugar’s chokehold, and get back on the path to living well!


* Featured Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

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